Comprehensive Diagrams See how parts fit together so you can repair or replace it. Diagnostic Procedures Step by step procedures for testing and repairing problems. Thousands of illustrations and diagrams. Wiring color codes and descriptions. Unlimited access to personal support reps who are always available to assist you.

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Air Outlets H. Hood Release O. Cruise Control Buttons I. Driver Information Center Buttons P. Shift Lever C. Horn Q. Accessory Power Outlet D. Instrument Panel Cluster K. It is important to become familiar with them, as they alert you to various vehicle operating conditions. If the button is pressed again within five seconds, all remaining If your vehicle is equipped with OnStar doors will unlock.

Off : Turn the fan knob to the Off position to turn the system off. Only the heated seats and the rear defogger will function when the fan knob is off. Recirculation : Press this button to recirculate inside air throughout the vehicle.

Recirculation will not function in these modes, allowing outside air into the vehicle to help reduce moisture. Press the FAV button. You may now 3. Press the Clock button again to set begin storing your favorite stations for the currently displayed time. Page Multiple-disc Cd Player of the frequency. RDS stations may also If a CD is not removed after several provide the time of day, a program type seconds, it will be pulled back into the for current programming and the name of player automatically.

Aim the transmitter at the vehicle. XM Satellite Radio offers more than 2. Press and release the Lock channels of digital-quality sound that button on the transmitter. One APO is located on the instrument panel center stack and another is located on the back of the center console for use by rear seat passengers. To lower the seatback s : 1. Pull one or both of the small knobs on top of the seatback to release the seatback latch. When one or more of the drive down and the front windows up, you wheels begin to spin from traction loss, may experience a buffeting noise.

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Factory-Authorized Online 2007 Chevrolet HHR Repair Manual



2007 Chevrolet HHR Owners Manual PDF


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