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Cascadable for up to eight devices? Hardware write protect for entire array? Output slope control to eliminate ground bounce? Schmitt trigger inputs for noise suppression? It has been developed for advanced, low power applications such as personal communications or data acquisition.

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We shall explain these steps in detail below. Having done so the MCU seizes the bus and no other device can send data until the MCU releases the bus, to avoid data collisions.

After that, the MCU can start sending data. In this section, we will write a function for the MCU to be a master on the two-wire serial bus. This bit is set to 1 by the hardware when the I2C module finishes its current job and is ready to get more commands from the SW. Also clearing this bit starts the I2C module immediately. So every time we want to start the I2C module, we must ensure clearing this bit first and we shall poll till it becomes 1 again because this indicates the I2C has successfully executed the task.

Setting this bit makes the MCU send a start signal on the bus when it is free, to declare that MCU is currently controlling the bus and will start transmitting data.

Once this bit is set, it means that the MCU has successfully taken control of the bus as a master. This is demonstrated in the code below. Once this bit is set, it means that the transmission is complete. Read data from the TWDR register. Stop transmission and Release the TWI bus: Once you finish data transmission, you should release the bus so that other devices can use it. Which is constructed as below: The first 4 bits of the address are The next 3 bits represent the memory page number.

The last bit indicates whether the memory operation will be a read or write.


Repuestos el├ęctronica 24LC64 - Memoria Eeprom 24LC64 SO8



How to Interface I2C External EEPROM 24LC64 to PIC Microcontroller


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