This order outlines Canadian Forces Policy governing the use or misuse of weapons, ammunition and explosives. Firing or attempting to fire locally manufactured weapons, obsolete service or foreign weapons, or weapons used for display, ceremonial or trophy purposes in museums, messes, parade grounds, armouries or such like area is prohibited except when specifically authorized by NDHQ. Attention is also drawn to the following references which concern offences connected with the use or misuse of weapons: a. National Defence Act, Section , b. Criminal Code of Canada, Sections 82 to , c.

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Improvements to the ammunition have been continual. While the older HEAT rounds are not particularly effective against modern tank armor, the weapon has found new life as a bunker-buster with an HEDP round.

In addition, improved HEAT, high explosive HE , smoke and illumination star shell or flare ammunition is also available. For full effectiveness, illumination rounds have to be fired at a very high angle, creating a danger for the gunner as the backblast from firing can burn him.

For this reason, several armies have retired the illumination rounds, while the U. Army requires that they be fired from a standing position.

It fires flechettes over a wide area. The round arms after 20 to 70 m of flight, weighs 3. The 3. Effective range is 1, m against dispersed soft targets such as infantry in the open, m against stationary targets and m against moving targets. Minimum range is 15 to 40 m to arm the warhead. Ammunition weight is 3. The fuse has two modes, impact or a delayed function.

Suspended by parachute, the star shell burns for 30 seconds while producing , candela , providing a to m diameter area of illumination. In theory, it has less penetration than the FFV, but it includes a stand-off probe for the fuse to improve performance against reactive armour. The MT uses a tandem charge. When used by the U.

A subsequent review of the contractor-supplied fatigue test data determined that the data did not meet U. Army requirements. Tests were conducted in The U. One person would carry the launcher and be armed with a pistol for personal protection, and the other would carry 5—6 rounds of ammunition and act as a spotter for the gunner. Although the single-shot AT-4 is lighter and can be carried by one person, a Gustaf team with the heavier recoilless rifle can reload and fire more rounds.


Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle

Tukasa Any expense incurred by any person or entity in reliance upon the information provided is at the sole risk of that person or entity. Toggle navigation Modern Firearms. Retrieved 15 November Inthe U. Bloomsbury Publishing, Oct 20, Saab has also developed a new high explosive round that has a direct fire range of 1, meters when using a fire control system. One person would carry the launcher and be armed with a pistol for personal protection, and the other would carry 5—6 rounds of ammunition and act as a spotter for the gunner. Luminous front and rear sight inserts are available for the iron sights when aiming at night, and an image intensification system may also be used.


M3 carl manual gustaf technical



M3 MAAWS Carl Gustav


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