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Unfortunately, after some research Accomplice Press found that the winning entry was un-publishable because of undisclosed contractual reasons. The partners are looking forward to new opportunities and will attend Romcon in Denver, along with their best selling author Delinda Jasper. The staff was optimistic that they would find several stories worthy of publication under the Curvalicious line. With heavy hearts they are announcing that there are no winners for the Curvalicious writing competition.

The women at Accomplice Press understand completely who full figure women really are on the inside and outside. These women are friends, sisters, mothers, wives and grandmothers; they are all beautiful and deserve to be able to read romance novels about characters that look like they do. Curvalicious women are sexy, intelligent and alluring without making their size the focus of the storyline.

It is also important to the staff at Accomplice Press to stay away from the stereotypical "chubby-chaser" romances or stories that the main character loses large amounts of weight. It is our first specialty series to be launched and therefore it has become near and dear to all our hearts. We want women with curves to have books that inspire them to get lost in the stories and fall in love with heroines that look and think just like they do. Curvalicious can help voluptuous women feel like they are sexy and viable in this romance driven society.

This is a new concept for mainstream publishers and writers. We had great hopes for the writing contest but are not discouraged. The primary partners in Accomplice Press have all dealt with challenges; this is just another learning experience. Her book epitomizes what Curvalicious is all about. The event is for publishers, authors and readers of romance books. The team will be attending numerous events but are very excited about being part of the Romance Reader Roundtables and a forum where they will officially introduce themselves to the romance publishing world.

Jones will also be participating in many events scheduled including Midnight Sexcapades and the Build a Hero workshop. Accomplice press is Not a self-publishing company. They are a full service publisher dedicated to provisioning readers of all ages and tastes with quality reading material. By striving to only publish works that are perfection, the skilled staff achieves excellence with their unparalleled concentration to the tiny details.

At Accomplice Press the rare relationship between reader, author and publisher becomes a true partnership.


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