Order Now Assemble Your Squadron Enter aerial warfare on a new scale with a new range of plastic miniatures that allow you to build and customise forces of new and iconic aircraft alike. Order Now Battle on the Fly Experience sweeping spectacle, nail-biting moments and intense aerial combat, all in under an hour with minimal set up, lightning-fast gameplay and only a handful of models needed to play. Battle your wingman in fierce head to head battles, or get the whole squadron together in fierce multiplayer dogfights for up to 4 players. About the Game Cleared for Launch Take off with Wings of Vengeance — a starter set containing everything you need to start battling in the war-torn skies of the 41st Millennium. Order Now Ork Air Waaagh! Defy the Imperium, aerodynamics and good taste with a squadron of Air Waaagh!

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Older game and discontinued by forge world but lots to find online. The Fall of Orpheus. International postage and import charges paid to Pitney Bowes Inc.

Hunt for the White Wyrm. Although this is the same model scale as the Epic game system the two are not compatible as the game mechanics and table top scales are quite different.

Since it is alternate phase activation this can be a challenge and you are always thinking in this game. Rule book complete with the cards required to play. That means each plane essentially works individually and it is a challenge to coordinate your aircraft. Aeronautica Imperialis is a dead game. Many missions need ground defenses and transports so this list does not have what you need for a basic campaign!

The core turn sequence is choose maneuver card, initiative, tailing fire, move, and then shooting. General feedback of the Angry Codices can be made here.

The player that wins the initiative roll-off goes first. In a pinch, a pair of 10 sided dice or recording off board will work fine, but the bases make life easier. Where is the most comprehensive list of players — and besides Ebay, are there any sources for bases?

Views Read Edit View history. Overview Aeronautica Imnperialis is a tabletop game which uses 6mm scale models to represent the various aircraft and ground based anti-aircraft weapons of the opposing forces.

The base impfrialis every aircraft is supposed to have two dials, one for speed and another for altitude. There are 0 items available. This is purely narrative and the books are filled with great full page, color shots of schematics, color schemes, etc. I actually prefer X-wings mechanic of using pilot skill to determine who shoots first. Community Forum Discord Server. A model armed with infra red targeting has the Night Vision special rule.

For additional information, see the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions — opens in a new window or tab This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees. However, the last turn is always a disengagement turn before the end of the game. It was produced by Forgeworld which is part of the Games Workshop empire. I hate specialty dice, bases, etc for this exact reason. Articles with short description.

When Forgeworld stopped carrying Epic scale and Battlefleet Gothic models, the Aeronautica Imperialis line went with them. Questions and answers about this item.

Eric Farrington March 10, at 6: For additional information, see the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions — opens in a new window or tab. Forge World, Games Workshop. Learn more — opens in a new window or tab. The Angry Initiative is about making more fair and fun codices. The basic rules also cover a wide variety of situations such as ground fire, bombing, strafing, stalling, ejecting, special maneuvers, aces, weather, landing, hovering, aeronaurica.

You physically lay the card down and move the model the direction indicated by the card. This amount is subject to change until you make payment. Aeronautica Imperialis focuses on aerial combat in the grimdark, war-torn 41 st millennium.

This article is being created or revised. Cover ruoebook the Aeronautica Imperialis rulebook. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. TOP Related Articles.


Aeronautica Imperialis

Shakazshura Please consider this before you edit this text! When included in a Detachment or Formation of one of these armies models with the Aeronautica Imperialis faction change their faction to that of the other models in the Detachment or Formation they are included in. The game imperialls on aerial combat between the different races of the Warhammer 40, universe. Hunt for the White Wyrm. Back to home page Return to top. From Warhammer 40k — Lexicanum. At the beginning of the turn, each player chooses a maneuver card for their aircraft.





Aeronautica Imperialis - Basic Rules




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