Talrajas Greater punishment than eternel physical and exhausing effort that only a boulder can cause mt that period after death could not be imagined. And here also passion should be added as consequence and product of cognition about absurdity of previous and current state and revolt that will bring determination to, by persistence and will, conquer absurdity of the situation. Our role is to, by sensible own life, contribute the sense in general thus constantly rejecting the nonsense of our own age, time implacably albef reminding us of life end certainty. So, are there reasons for Sisyphus, while rolling the boulder, mami be revolted, free and passionate, and to be urged by hope or he is simply left to resignation.

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Fesho Kao rezultat ovoga, Or maybe, all the things considered, the reason for his revolt is cognition of his own life so far absurd, since he was punished for his fight against absurdity of life with absurdity in death. Sisyphus may eternally ask it over and over again, we do not have that much time. With the boulder, determination and decision, Sisyphus expressed himself as personality and individual.

Ukratko, ispostavilo se da publika nije sastavljena od sudija, nego od velikodusnih advokata kakav je i sam autor bio.

Absurd according to it may be accepted with revolt, liberty and passions, and we would, contrary to him, add hope as well. We do not have time to think of our position, to step forward, because we are going to fall kammi from the race, so our life becomes like all the other 2 Camus, Albert, The Myth of Sisyphus, Veselin Maslesa-Svjetlost, Sarajevo,p.

It is up to us by our personal choice, and we are free in that, also to choose the side of this life. Repeating the activity constantly and anew is advance, although it does not look that way. Conclusion At the end, we may ask ourselves if consciousness of life absurdity would make us different and if we would change our lives. In his death, Sisyphus from epimethic destiny and later wisdom came to promethic inspiration that one should find way not to disturb the punishment and irritate gods, and using the same means, personal strength, will and boulder struggle and win.

That is in most cases done. A Lifestr. Making absurd purposeless If we regard life as a path towards death, we will be like Sisyphus in a stalemate. Log in Sign up. Unless we are accompanied with stimulating hope that freedom can be sizicu, that sense and essence can be found out, then we are sentenced to absurd, because we do not have anything we can achieve and we already live our everyday life. Thus, the decisions of gods themselves are not perfect as well as the world they are making and and trying to put in order, so the rebellion against the absurdity they impose is justified.

Alber Kami On the other side, cosciousness of the hopeless position is truly tragical, but it is also stimulus to overcome tagic and absurdity. Ukratko, ispostavilo se da publika nije sastavljena od sudija, nego od velikodusnih That is why every renouncement before end itself, victory over absurd, triumph over punishment, and the kai remains just punishment.

If we observe his pointless work and its constant repetition that he does as external manifestation of his inner being, than the answer is positive. That was his punishment for misdeeds in his life and shrewdness with which he had deceived people and gods.

Albert Camus Mondovi7. However, that surely is not part of his nature, having in mind the way of life and the abilities at his disposal. The easiest way is to accuse the god who incites and causes eavil and cunningness in human and god nature. The second surpassed fact in the myth of Sisyphus is the boulder. This lessens and negates the guilt and, in a way, causes empathy towards Sisyphus himself.

The reasons for mlt scorn towards godlike authority, beside the nature of his personality, should be sought into the sizitu that gods limit human life with death. With lack of time and need to rationalise to ourselves absurdity of our own position or world starting being such, we stay reconciled to the situation, resignated and without hope and faith. Is there resignation in Sisyphus, that is leaving everything to destiny.

Slber boulder is, on the one hand, part of absurd punishment or absurd life thus making a part of life itself, on the other hand it is the way for Sisyphus to upraise himself from everything and achieve his freedom with the boulder. Most Related.


Alber Kami: Mit o Sizifu

Pitanje je, dakle, iskonske estitosti da se na poetku istakne ono to ove stranice duguju stanovitim suvremenim duhovima. Nije mi ni najmanja namjera to kriti pa e oni tijekom cijeloga djela biti navoeni i komentirani. Ali nije na odrnet istodobno pripomenuti da se apsurd, uziman do sada kao zakljuak, u ovom ogledu shvaa kao polazna toka. U tom smislu moe se rei da ima neeg privremenog u mome komentaru: ne bi se moglo unaprijed suditi o mjestu koje on zauzima. Ovdje emo samo nai opis jednoga duhovnog zla u njegovu istu stanju. Nikakva metafizika, nikakvo uvjerenje nisu zasad tu upleteni.





Mit o Sizifu



Albert Kami - Mit o Sizifu


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