Socul viitorului: cum va arata lumea in Miercuri, 20 Octombrie , ora Pe parcursul urmatorilor 40 de ani, femeile vor dispune de o putere de decizie fara precedent, migratia musulmana catre Occident se va amplifica, iar mersul la birou nu va mai fi de actualitate, sustine scriitorul si futurologul american Alvin Toffler, potrivit Mediafax. Africa de Sud va beneficia de o crestere economica sustinuta, in timp ce Orientul Apropiat va deveni "un amestec de religii, miscari religioase si etnii", se afirma in studiul realizat de Toffler Associates, un cabinet de consultanta infiintat de scriitorul si futurologul american de succes Alvin Toffler, autorul celebrului roman "Socul viitorului", publicat in In acelasi an, Alvin Toffler a declarat ca stiinta si tehnologia se vor dezvolta intr-un ritm atat de rapid, incat cei mai multi oameni nu vor putea sa "digere" acest aflux de informatii si vor fi tentati sa se "deconecteze" de la acest ritm de viata mult prea trepidant. Multe dintre previziunile sale, referitoare la rapiditatea transmiterii de informatii, acceptarea mariajelor homosexuale si accelerarea ritmului de producere a catastrofelor ecologice, s-au adeverit in anii care au urmat. Pentru urmatoarele patru decenii, Alvin Toffler afirma ca un numar tot mai mare de oameni isi vor cultiva propriile legume si isi vor produce singuri alimentele, pentru a depinde tot mai putin de marii producatori si distribuitori din industria alimentara.

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Start your review of Future Shock Write a review Shelves: society , reviews-liked This book is still in print! If I still had the book, I might be tempted to see what these old views of our "now" could have been that seem so I admit that I only think I ever read the book.

Someone below left an This book is still in print! Someone below left an outraged comment about that - as if, had I rated the book a 5 instead of a 3, and written an effusive review, it would have made earth-shaking difference. Oh well. At any rate, the cover of my edition said something about "run-away best seller". And it was, iirc. But human wishes have a rather poor record of being fulfilled.

I took a quick look through the book before giving it away to BetterWorldBooks. Toffler talks about such things as people traveling more sure he was right about that , economists being the same as always another bingo , technology having either unforeseen consequences right again or very specific predicted consequences not so good, those predictions - lots of things like that. Missing are things about the triumph of Mega-capitalism, the existential threat of global warming, a world whose ecosystems are on the point of collapse, a population which is overwhelming the capacity of the earth to support it - little things like that.

So goes the future prediction industry. After all, we seem to have enough trouble deciding what happened in the past.


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