His father came to New York in and started preaching in Armenian Apostolic churches. He later went on to describe his experience in the orphanage in his writings. Five years later, the family reunited in Fresno, where his mother, Takuhi, had already secured work at a cannery. He continued his education on his own, supporting himself with jobs, such as working as an office manager for the San Francisco Telegraph Company. A few of his early short articles were published in Overland Monthly.

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His book of letters with his cousin, however, is available for sale to the public. For more information about any of these reprints or the Correspondences collection, please email.

Thus began fifty years of personal correspondence between these artists and best friends, chronicling their journey through the tumultuous cultural shifts of the 20th century—the Great Depression, the golden age of Hollywood, World War II, the youth movement of the 60s, and the cynical 70s.

As Saroyan established himself as the most popular writer in America and Archie found his voice as a poet, their lives remained connected from Fresno to Hollywood to Paris and beyond through these letters. From artistic recognition to family squabbles, prosperity to poverty, their friendship endured a lifetime of creative and personal highs and setbacks with a deeply shared bond of Armenian character, equally hilarious and heartbreaking.

The book has been handsomely designed by the renowned Arion Press in San Francisco which has an historic relationship with both Saroyan and Minasian reaching back over sixty years. It is bound in two colors of cloth, green and tan, with titling foil stamped in gold on the cover and spine. A matching protective slipcase is included. Janigian by the Arion Press of San Francisco in and intended for private distribution, from the text in a copy of the first edition printed in by the Grabhorn Press for Gelber, Lilienthal, Inc.

Janigian by the Arion Press of San Francisco in and intended for private distribution, from the text of the first edition printed by Quercus Press, San Mateo, California, in , with a woodcut by Mallette Dean.

Each psalm has been paired with a sketch that Saroyan made in the s, at the same time he was writing the Psalms. This limited edition printing of copies will be on display at The World of William Saroyan exhibit in San Francisco. The World of Archie Minasian Reprinted from a special edition of the periodical Ararat, this excerpted supplemental memorial edition is dedicated to the poetry and writings of Archie Minasian.

The exhibit showed at the Palo Alto Civic Center in Bells and Sermons By Archie Minasian This short collection of poetry was originally published in by the Lutheran Literary Board and reprinted in a limited edition of copies.

A special publicity photo of Saroyan and the opening of his play, The Time of Your Life keepsake is included within. Toumayan, Boston, Massachusetts. Completed in


"eyeye", "lighght"

In my own defense, one wonders if Mr. But what troubled me most at the time was a recognition that my work comprised a sensibility that was being fiercely challenged, not to say effectively obliterated by the surge of world events. My book appeared just after the winter that saw the heaviest American losses in the war in Vietnam or more American lives lost each weekand arrived simultaneously with the murder of Martin Luther King. It stood on the bookstore shelves when Robert Kennedy was murdered after his victory in the California presidential primary. Make Love Not War, we declared, but the way things worked out, we were summarily swept to the sidelines as the planet grew swiftly darker and darker that spring. The book appears as part of an international survey of avant-garde poetry in which it figures as one of three "historical" documents.


Aram Saroyan



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