With vocal melody, lyrics and introductory text. You may also like. Be the first to write a review. With vocal melody, piano accompaniment, introductory text and notes and translations. See all 9 brand new listings.

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Les Huguenots Verdi: Stride la vampa! How can you turn away? Customer Book Reviews Must have for mezzos By Stacie Lopeman on Nov 19, This book is a must-own for any mezzo-soprano as are the corresponding volumes for any other voice type.

I daresay this is the anthology standard for aspiring opera stars. I purchased mine when starting college and learned my first aria from it--"Non so piu, cosa son". Ten years later I am still finding pieces that fit my voice as it grows into works by Bizet, Massenet, Donizetti. Having had the opportunity to work with Dr. Robert Larsen, I can say that he is one of the most knowledgeable people in the business about opera and how to get young people started.

The translations provided are not poetic--they are accurate, true translations! The plot summaries are brief but helpful, enough to get you started, but short enough to encourage you to do your own work. Larsen notates alternate endings, appogioturi, and other traditional performance notes.

Great book but no piano accompaniments By A Reviewer on Mar 21, This book has great selections and editing. It also has a section in the beginning where it gives background information, text, and translations for each aria. I would strongly recommend it to any student mezzo for these things. Additionally, you can buy a companion "diction coach" volume that goes over the pronunciation for each piece in detail, which I would imagine would be very helpful for students. However, this book has a major disadvantage, which is that there is no companion CD with piano accompaniments for the pieces.

I would have given it five stars, but the unavailability of accompaniments makes it very hard to actually practice the pieces without paying an accompanist.

This book contains a wide variety of the most popular and most widely performed mezzo arias in the repertoire. It even includes arias from some contemporary operas.

Like I said, if you are a mezzo, you need this book. The pages are not centered and the ink is a fuzzy gray copy of a copy of a copy. I only gave it 2 stars because the collection of songs is good. A must have for Mezzo Sopranos. Tennyson on Nov 02, Great book! The translations are so useful, and the collection is quite standard. I agree with the above posts! A must have for all mezzos! Wonderful buy! They have a brilliant selection of songs and the piano part is easy to follow if you wish to play and sing at the same time.

The translations in the front of the book are clear, and while not underneath the other text in the actual songs, is easily written in if so desired. I personally am a mezzo-soprano and use this book all the time. A great tool! By Rhamy Marango on Oct 09, This should be a part of any serious singers library. Came on time By Angel R.

Sanchez Ii on Apr 14, Bought it as a gift to one of my students to get her to learn music. By Brenda Louise Hudson on Mar 26, Music Teachers know the value of good music, and great repertoire for singers more specifically. The trouble is there are so few singers that want to sing opera. The arias in this collection are great; nothing new, but great!

Perhaps we can reintroduce arias to students and allow these melodies to stay alive. There is something for all mezzo sopranos here in this anthology. Even sopranos sing a lot of these mezzo-soprano selections!!! Great works! Check them out for yourself! Special artistic needs met by Amazon By Mrs. Because I travel, I need them wherever I may be, and sometimes I forget to pack certain books.

The book was in excellent condition. Delivery was as promised. The price was acceptable. Needless to say, it is so convenient to press a few buttons and receive anything you wish. I reside part of the year in Greece, and such service is not a possibility. Too much hassle to buy anything. Hope you find this amusing, and yet for me it is a grim reality.

Must-have for Singers and Teachers By Singstir on Feb 16, This is a wonderful collection of the most popular mezzo arias. It contains arias of varied levels and styles, and is great for the beginning opera student who is still finding her specific niche in the opera world. It will be outgrown when the singer determines their specific voice type and style, but the selections will serve for most or all of undergraduate study.

Good selections By Michael Roof on Jan 12, This publication has been around for a while and remains a very good choice. The selections are well chosen and the music clear and easy to read for both singer and pianist. As expected, dealing with the stiff spine in this new book is a monumental chore. Buy this! By S on Nov 23, Probably one of my favorite anthologies ever. I sing out of t almost every day.

Love it! Happy Customer By heim on Jul 30, My child uses this book for vocal lessons. She likes the songs. The notes are easy to read and the layout is nice. By Bt on Dec 13, Gift for friend. Creator , Robert L. Larsen Editor. This particular edition is in a Paperback format.

It was published by G. Schirmer, Inc. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Similar Books.


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