It is an ancient and mighty prayer. The worship of Hanuman who is the Rudra Avatar of Shiva gives one strength and confidence to overcome any difficulty in life. The recitation of the Bajrang Baan early in the morning or just before going to bed is recommended. Jaisay kooda sindhu mahi paara, Sursa badana paithii Vistaara. Meaning: Pray listen to my entreaties, O Hanuman, the compassionate benefactor of all saints!

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Let Unseen Rajasthan make you aware about the Ancient black magic and supernatural powers of India. I do it for the satisfaction of my ownself and to help the person in need. Why we are bounded by so many problems? Just to make every one aware about the true meaning of Bajrang Baan its true meaning and details today i am writing this post. Hope this post will benefit you in some ways. Meaning of Bajrang Baan : "Bajrang Baan " is a combination of three words i.

B Ang:- It is referred to the part of Body. C Baan:-Arrow. As every one knows that "Lord Hanuman" dedicated his complete life in worshiping "Lord Rama" and he could do any thing for him. This Mantra clearly states that Lord Hanuman you will have to do my work otherwise the swear will be breaked.

Hanuman Ji can never hear this even as this is like killing their own parents and no body would like to see them dead. So whenever Bajrang Baan is read Lord Hanuman becomes more angry. As you have forced them by bounding them with the Swears results will come out but the results are not long lasting. Once your work will be done you will not be in a position to read it continuously because of anything,busyness or some other issues and the day you stopped it you will be in trouble.

From that day problems will surround you. It is always evident that if we are forced to do something we will not do it from hear and later on results into problems. This can be proved better with an example like It is in your destiny that you will be in trouble for 1 year and during that period you read Bajrang Baan for 2 months.

Those 2 months of the comfort would be added in the year and this ways you will have to complete your trouble period of 12 months which later on becomes 14 months. B A Person becomes confuses and senseless. C A Person becomes irritating and likes to stay alone.

D All the work after few days gets reversed. E Business or Job Loss. F A Person becomes mentally unstable. G Highly demotivated. H Right Decision making power ends. So all those who are reading it are suggested to avoid it with immediate effect and worhship Lord Hanuman and apologize for the mistake you did. Offer him "Gud" and "Chane" and say that "Lord please forgive us for the sin that we did,we were not aware that reading "Bajrang Baan" hurts and pains you.

I was unaware of the fact and thus did it. Now when i got to know about it i will never read it again. Please shower your blessings on me and give me the strength to pass the bad phase of my life"You just need to pray this and just see the difference. Once you will stop reading it you would be more comfortable and relaxed.

Where the Mistake is Done: I would not blame any person for reading it because whatever is written or told to us we believe in that. In most of the books like Hanuman Chalisa or Hanuman Asthak you will find Bajrang Baan and thus in the flow you read that too wherein it should not be read. It is banned for them. I would just suggest everyone to avoid reading it and also please tell as many as people you can about not reading Bajrang Baan.

More you would communicate this more you will be happy as you are providing comfort to God and also saving the human being from doing a Sin. Instead of reading Bajrang Baan if somebody will chant "Siya Ram" 5 times than that would be more effective than any other Mantra as Lord Hanuman is behind "Raam Naam" and if you are taking the name of "Raam" then Lord Hanuman would be happy without any efforts. Jai Shri Ram.


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