Shahab D. Mohaghegh and Turgay Ertekin, J. Abou-Kassem and G. He received the Matthew J. College of Earth and Mineral Sciences in and , respectively.

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Artificial expert system applications in reservoir engineering Coalbed methane degasification Pressure transient analysis applications in complex reservoir systems Unconventional gas and oil reservoirs Education: Ph.

He has been deeply involved in the mathematical modeling of flow problems using various techniques for 40 years. He has taught courses in fluid flow dynamics in porous media at the graduate and undergraduate levels and has directed the research work of graduate students on reservoir modeling and reservoir engineering.

His research efforts with his graduate students have produced 45 Ph. Ertekin has given more than invited lectures, paper presentations and seminars and more than 30 workshops and short courses throughout the world, and has authored or co-authored more than publications including four books and four book chapters. Ertekin has served on the Society of Petroleum Engineers Editorial Board holding various positions including a two-year term as the Executive Editor of the Formation Evaluation Journal and currently is an editor-in-chief of the Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Technology.

Member, Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics present. Member, American Society for Engineering Education present. Over the course of years, Ertekin and his research groups have developed several multiphase, compositional, multidimensional isothermal and nonisothermal numerical flow models that simulate the performance and applicability of some thermal and nonthermal recovery techniques in petroleum reservoirs.

Co-author: D. Reservoir Simulation. Co-Author: M. Basic Applied Reservoir Simulation. Co-Authors: J. Abou-Kassem and G. Heavy Crude Oil Recovery. Edited by E. Chapter 11, pp. Environmental Consequences of Energy Production. Edited by Shyamal K. Majumdar, Fred J. Brenner and E. Willard Miller. Edited by M. Part II, Chapter 2, pp. Co-Authors: W. Sung and H. Edited by Douglas C. Siripatrachai, R. Johns and T. Seales, M. Dilmore, T. Ertekin and J.

Journal of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources. May Siripatrachai, N. Ertekin, and R. Maxian B. De Silva, T. Ertekin, J. SPE Journal, April Seales, Maxian B. Alrumah, M. Kim, J. Jang, T. Ertekin, and W. Jang, Y. Kim, T. Ertekin and W. Ketineni, S. Ertekin, K. Anbarci, T. Wang, T. Petroleum Engineering. Wilson Outstanding Teaching Award April Quentin E. Wilson Outstanding Service Award May George E. Society of Petroleum Engineers Lester C.

Wilson Award for Excellence in Research April


Basic Applied Reservoir Simulation



Turgay Ertekin


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