Mibei Through its resolutions Nos. Bhai Randhir Bai was the singn General Secretary. His athletic form, square shoulders, broad chest, stout and well built body with muscular arms were trained to all kinds of sports. Some of them had come back at night and told him the whole story.

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Dizuru The Revolutionaries had established good contacts in a number of contonments especially in the Lahore and Ferozepur contonments. Each and every word of the original has been quite correctly translated and in many places the words chosen are most expressive and simpler than the Arabic words used in Urdu translation.

Kartar Singh Sarabha and Gandha Singh had even procured revolvers and knives from outside and everyone hbai something. Chatterjee Judge, Chief Court Lahore. Secondly, there was a vicious atmosphere of glam- orous enchantments of sinful life.

One man sent by Kartar Singh Sarbha into the cantonment was taken into radhir. The son took aufobiography advice literally and like a dutiful son, not only recited Japji every morning but gave more time to reading the hymns of the Guru than to his studies. Like Gargantua he felt that he was destined to rend asunder the swathing bands, that were throttling the country. All along the route flowers were showered and people wished to touch his feet. When they were asked what was the colour of their turbans and clothes both of them said that the revolutionaries were wearing khaki turbans and clothes although they were actually wearing black turbans.

In the feverish heart of this youngman of destiny Bhai Randhir Singh, there burst forth irresistibly the humiliation and degrada- tion of the enslaved people, the pitiable condition of the moral and cultural collapse, eandhir agony of the betrayal by those who flattered British Imperialism blindly over the acts of sacrilege and cruelty, and the anguish and despair of the helpless teeming randhr.

Kartar Singh Sarbha then met Bhai Randhir Singh and his men among the reeds outside the contonment and asked them to disperse. I could never have escaped them by my own will-power. With his death ended an epoch of the history of freedom fighters. He distinguished himself as a wellver sed scholar of Punjabi, Persian and English literature. Sinh spent her whole life in meditations and prayers and shuns public appearance. He asked the gardener to take the utmost care of that particular lovely flower and not allow anyone to pluck it.

The superiority of Hinduism was shov n by condemning and making fun of the prophets and scriptures of other religions particularly Christianity, Islam and Sikhism 5. The rebellious spirit of these immature, inexperienced and untrained revolutionaries had firm faith that if they could do nothing else they could stir up their countrymen to throw off their age-old docility and to cease being cowards and fight like men.

Jyot Vigas and Darshan Jhalkan are his two poetical contributions. His athletic form, square shoulders, broad chest, stout and well built body with muscular arms were trained to all kinds of sports. So it had been changed to February A lover of beautiful things, compassionate to the poor and helpless, he was an extremely sensitive lad of strong likes and dislikes. Later on the printing of the book had to be further delayed as some valuable research material was proposed to be added by the Translator to his Introductory Thesis and the Appendices.

The Sikhs are irresistible emigrants with a passionate love for their native land. The Revolutionary Council changed the D day to 19 February in an informal meeting on February 14, The patriots and heroes of this movement sacrificed everything, their very life and property for shaking British rule in India from its very roots.

Prayer for a Purpose There were three strong influences which prevailed at Lahore during those days. Related Posts.


The Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh

I lost almost all 3. For a year or two he was the Captain of the college team. On 12 February the Revolutionary Council High Command fixed 22 February, as the date for collective mutiny and revolt which Kirpal Singh conveyed to the police on the 13 February, but the police reached the spot when all had dispersed. He even sought the permission of Bench Court of Nahan to practise in the Sirmur State, which was immediately granted, but as far as we know, he did not go to Nahan.


Books by Randhir Singh

Son of a High Court Judge and educated in Govt. College and Mission College, Lahore, Bhai Randhir Singh ushered a moral and spiritual revival which set into motion what later on came to be known as Gurdwara Reform Movement. In the Rakabganj Affair it was his stern challenge to the British Government and stirring call to the people to organize resistance, which prevented the further desecration of the historic shrine. In , he was the only non-emigrant Sikh leader who completely identified himself with the cause of the Ghadar Party and suffered imprisonment for seventeen long years. His deep and original expositions of various aspects of Sikhism more than 30 books are a lasting contribution to Sikh theology, philosophy and mysticism.


Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh

Please click here if you like to donate towards these projects: Soon we will have our store up from where you can order physical copies of the books, please bear with us. Sign up to our website to keep up to date. Meanwhile please visit our store to download PDF version of the books. Books written by Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh 1. Jail Chittiaan This is the most popular and most widely read book of Bhai Sahib. It includes how Bhai Sahib during the terrible times of early s kept Sarbloh Bibek rehit in British jails.

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