Bloodlust[ edit ] Senior Jason Freeman thinks that life will start when he moves to Malibu. In his school he meets an incredibly gorgeous girl named Sienna. Meanwhile, there is a vampire killing people in Malibu. Jason decides to help hunt him down. In an intense battle in an alley, the vampire is killed.

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Last week, I was shelving books in my library and I came across this one. Being in a middle school, I started wondering why I ordered a book titled Bloodlust with a large martini on the front cover. When I looked in Titlewave for reviews and grade level recommendations, there were none.

My library is new, and I ordered every single book in there. I am not sure what possessed me to order this one. With no professional reviews to go on, I needed to familiarize myself with the content, so I took it home. Of course, as teen in the late 80s and early 90s, I was obsessed with and have seen The Lost Boys more times than I could possibly count. I even had the movie soundtrack, which was one of my favorite albums in 9th grade. So, for adult readers, Bloodlust will evoke nostalgia for those bygone days of bloodthirsty teen vampires and gorgeous rich kids frolicking on California beaches.

I like that the book is short and simply written, making it a great choice for reluctant readers. Content-wise, middle school librarians should read it first. I am proud of the diversity of my collection, but some librarians might not be comfortable purchasing some of the books I have for my middle schoolers.

There is language and sexual innuendo see below. Teens drink and do drugs at a party. To me, the sexual content excessive partying is too mature for middle school, so I have moved it to the high school.

I like how down-to-earth normal Jason is. He is concerned when Dani is not fitting in as well as she would like and agrees to take her to a party to help her meet new people. When a fight breaks out at the party, Jason jumps in to defend the weaker boy, getting himself nearly killed in the process.

As a very-willing, adult reader who is sick of vampire books, I am just not part of the target audience. I would never have read Bloodlust were it not for the content check for my library. Thankfully, it was a short, easy read. The relationships are shallow. I do not understand why Jason falls head-over-heels for Sienna; he barely knows her.

She cheats on her boyfriend and he on her and seems just fine having superficial relationships. Sienna barely knows Jason when she first kisses him, yet Jason feels bad when he questions her behavior--WHY? Not getting that at all. The underdeveloped characters are another problem.

Dani is the sister Jason wants to protect. Sienna is the popular, hot girl with a big secret. Adam is the computer-hacking, insightful best friend. Zach is the mysterious stranger always lurking around. Defining all the characters by their "one characteristic" makes for a pretty dull read with few surprises. Only one student checked it out since we acquired it in Sept as part of our opening collection. I moved both Bloodlust and its sequel, Initiation, to our feeder high school.


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