Negami Isadora BaxterGriffin Sinclair. To Woo a Wife Carole Mortimer. Clue Less rated it really liked it Mar 03, Ratna Dewi rated it liked it Nov 17, A joyful, heartfelt, enchanting read that will warm your heart. He returns a year later and is determined to see Izzy and make her his own true love.

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Start your review of Their Engagement is Announced Write a review Shelves: am-keeps-it-in-family , anachronistic-contemporary-historic , bickery-bickerfest-temper-temper , hplandia , just-a-bit-wrecky , no-means-yes-sorta-girl , sewage-slurper-relatives , the-tropy-of-the-tropiest , om-dramarama This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. This is a direct reaction to the societal "Purity Movements," for women especially, Re Their Engagement is Announced - Carole Mortimer reverts to an earlier time in HPlandia as she moves into the new millennium.

The h is also the victim of emotional repression and bullying by her father, ever since her effervescent and sparkly fun mum died when she was a child.

The H is the black sheep of his family and has always teased the h that she is two separate people. The H, now a successful television presenter, arrives back on the scene to tease and torment the h with his version of the Manly HP Male Lurve Force Mojo.

So a battle of wills ensues where the H teases the h unmercifully as he helps her get her plans for her shop renovation in order. To irk his mother and the h both, the H announces that he and the h are engaged to be married.

The h is actually dating another man and when the H spouts off his engagement announcement to the OM, the h is mortified. The h and the H have a big fight and the h kicks him out of her life, until his sister shows up and invites them both to dinner. By this time, the h has found the letters the H wrote to her years earlier, when they first met and had begun a tentative romance. Her father hid them from the h and ran the H off, then pushed the brother on the h to satisfy his own societal ambitions.

With the discovery of the letters, the h learns that the H loved her madly years earlier and she starts to see his current pursuit in a new light.

At the dinner with his sister, she shows the H the letters and we learn that the H has been celibate and waiting for her for over two years. This convinces the h that he loves her as much as she loves him and we finally get a big mutual True Love declaration. We leave our happy couple planning the wedding and plotting for a home in the country with a huge family for the sweet HEA.


Their Engagement is Announced






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