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Get a clear AM and FM signal up and down the dial each time you change the channel on this in-dash car audio accessory. Bring along your portable CD collection to enjoy your favorite albums while cruising along. This versatile option that includes WMA functionality is geared for use with popular iPod models, or other models of mp3 players. In iPod mode you can enjoy a larger range of music from your digital collection.

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I started selling car audio in I have set up and listened to almost every level of audio system. I have used this head unit for 7 years and like it so much I purchased another for my second vehicle. My career changed to field service work.

I now spend over hours a year driving listening and still look forward to mixing it up with the crazy people on the interstates The settings menus take some getting used to, but navigation is easy after extended use. If you want to manually tune crossover and equalization, this unit offers almost anything you could ask: crossover slopes, crossover frequencies, time correction, parametric or graphic EQ.

The real deal changer is using Imprint. After tuning the vehicle, sound stage, imaging, cross over and overall performance of my system s is incredibly musical. The sound stage actually lifts up to head level in one of my vehicles and puts vocals dead center just below the rear view mirror. There is no way to manually tune it as well as the Imprint software does.

The iPod controls work perfectly for the classic with a large library. Controls on the head unit keep the iPod tucked away in the glove box, but the standard cable over-charges and wears out the iPod battery. Sirius Satellite add-on has been perfect. Bluetooth add-on was not worth buying. This was a high end player when it came, very expensive to buy here Norway. Other things I like about this player is: 1 Turning knob for volume instead of buttons 2 Dedicated mute button.

No more desperate fiddling if I want to turn down the sound. Great features and tuners dream!!! The power is amazing at 26 watts rms! Im glad i found one in such good shape! Vielen Dank.


Alpine CDA-9835 Owner's Manual



Alpine CDA-9835 CD Player In Dash Receiver


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