However, applications will be considered on their individual merit. Projects: The NPTC Fund welcomes direct applications to support projects and research where they further land based education and training, or help to inform industry on issues of the moment relating to skills development and vocational education in the land-based sector. However, applications will be considered on their individual merit and potential applicants interested in seeking more significant support are encouraged to contact the NPTC Fund Secretariat. Background to the project: The activities involved in arboricultural work in trees at height have significant health and safety implications.

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There are a number of different ways in which you are able to book onto one of our training courses: Book over the phone The easiest way to book onto one of our training courses is by giving us call. This process allows us to make sure you are booking onto the right training course and that all the information we need from you is correct and accurate at the time of booking. It also allows you to raise any questions about the training that you want to book Book by email For times when booking by phone is not convenient, we advise that you send us an email stating the name of the course you wish to book onto and the date you wish to attend.

Once we receive this a member of our team will get back to you with a booking confirmation and may reply or give you a ring if you have provided your details if there is any information that needs clarifying urgently Book at a Tyro Training premises Of course, we also offer the good old fashioned way of booking by visiting either the Skipton or Scarborough centre and enquiring about booking at our front desks. A member of the Customer Service team will greet you and put you in contact with a member of the Sales team who will be able to advise you about the training and book you onto a course.

How do I pay for my course? Payment is requested upon booking. You can make secure card payments over the phone by calling the relevant Tyro Centre Skipton or Scarborough. Alternatively cheque or cash payments can be made at Tyro Training or Craven College premises. It may be possible to arrange for invoices for training, we may make credit checks prior to agreement — please discuss upon booking. Will my course run? What happened if my courses gets cancelled? We always do our utmost to ensure all of our courses run as scheduled.

However, occasionally there may be circumstances where a course needs to be cancelled. If the course that you are due to attend is cancelled, a member of our team will get in touch with you to inform you and we will do our best to arrange for you to attend another date for the course that is most convenient to you. Where this is not possible, certificates will be sent by post to the named learner at the address of the person who made the booking within 2 weeks.

Which First Aid course do I need to attend? Because the First Aid course that you require is dependent on the circumstances within your workplace, we are not allowed to directly advise which course it is that you should be attending. The HSE website breaks it down for you so that you know your role whether you are an employer, an employee or the designated first aider.

Do I need to do a Level 2 qualification before a Level 3? For some courses you will be able to study the level appropriate to your job role and experience, which ,may mean you can complete a level 3 qualification before achieving a level 2. However some other courses require a prerequisite to be achieved before you can progress onto a higher level qualification.

These vary across courses and in order to understand which applies to the course specific to your interest, a member of our team will be able to help. What our customers say By booking our staff onto Tyro Training Rural courses, our staff receive the necessary training to fulfil their roles effectively, safely and professionally.

Glendale invests time and training into our staff which gives them the confidence to fulfil their duties and become a valued, integral part of the Glendale family. This is an important part of the company training policy. When we recruit, we look for candidates who share our passion for green space management. At Glendale, every employee has the chance to make a positive impact on the business, the environment and the communities in which they live and work.

Glendale is going from strength to strength and with a fully trained workforce, it gives them the confidence to develop their business. Made in England for over 35 years. As a small family business, we understand and appreciate that our staff are vital for us to continue to grow. The courses Tyro offer are of an excellent, and professional standard.

The courses I have personally attended have been informative and have allowed me to talk with like-minded-folk. The training is always first class and our staff always say how good their day has been at Tyro. Read More Tyro staff are always very helpful, quick to respond and we always receive excellent feedback from staff who have attended Tyro courses.


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