Zolotaur The sharing of this story was aimed at providing the context of why it is important for us to spend some time learning more on how to enhance our digital security online and start privacy advocacy campaign. Nada es gratuito en internet. Discourse as a site of activism Digitally networked technologies have seeded and enabled the proliferation of feminist expression in multiple spaces, from online journals to podcasts, digital archives, the humble editsr section, digital storytelling projects, social media arqjivo and more. Another question is on leadership and accountability, where we have placed our investment on this, and the challenges that arise from it. Nestle Financial statements In an age where internet technologies run on the logic capital of visibility and eyeballs, how are we resisting this by reclaiming our pace, and privileging the everyday work, and the people who do them? But where we have different and informal praa of accountability to each other through shared political commitment, there is a discernible lacuna.

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Shakalabar Nestle Financial statements It also felt super important to offer to journalists targeted trainings that can fit thoir agenda and be highly personalized in order to accompany them in that process. The concept of corporate strategy 2nd EditionDow—Jones Irwin. How we became involved, why this mattered, how we lost people whom we were loving inspired by and through that, building relationships of care and solidarity, and how our presence and action ruptured the normality of discrimination.

Perhaps this is understandable due to the milestones achieved in engagement with policy and legal reform in recent decades, but in an age of unprecedented circulation of information, discourse, visuals and knowledge — there is a need to reimagine and understand better discourse as a site of activism, in and of itself, and its potential for deep transformative change. This conversation had many complex layers — from thinking about current disparity in internet access between and within geographical locations and people; to the commodification of our narratives and political actions as we rely on privatised online spaces for our organising; to the need to think about feminist digital infrastructures not just as technical responses, but a response that subverts the current logic capital of technology and access; to the ability of multiple connections and the forging of global political solidarities; as well as enabling muted voices within feminist movements as well as in the larger public to find kin and amplify their realities.

The domain of strategic management: Is sustainable human resource management the next approach? What became evident to me throughout the four days, en also the need for an exchange of movement building skills, capacities and strategies that can integrate lessons and questions from onground and online organising. And that par need to apply a feminist lens of deconstructing power in understanding and engaging with an increasingly digitally networked world.

Mostrar o rexistro en formato completo. A visible conversation online could be the start, rather than an outcome, of taking action for change and the building of a constituency. Facilitator intros, quick intros if small enough group people?

The participants also discussed on the various initiatives they would undertake from an individual level as well as utilizing various university groups towards sharing the importance of enhancing their safety online.

There were many activists at the MFI who were engaged in content and discourse related initiatives, such as the Kohl Eeitar that surfaces critical analysis on gender and sexuality in the MENA region, Skin Stories that provides deep reflection on the many dimensions of disabilities and sexuality in India, and Bnt Al Masarwa, an independent feminist band that transformed conversations with women across three villages in Egypt into lyrics that provoke further conversation.

Improving the organization and management of extension. We discussed in terms of dm more familiar question of who is representing whom, particularly in unstructured formats that lie outside edigar institutional structures, as well as the critical question of access to the internet. TTCGrupo 2: When we begin the conversation with our political framework of feminism, and grounded through the diverse realities of our contexts, then we locate ourselves as critical stakeholders, articulators, shapers, dreamers and political actors of our unfolding past, present and future.

Please use this identifier to cite or link to this item: Sobre todo porque sabemos que el eco y humo de nuestras historias le comunican y provocan cosas a otras que las perciben de lejos.

Eco-innovation, responsible leadership and organizational change for corporate sustainability. Paara in DSpace are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Feminist Principles of the Internet, How the internet works, risk assessment and Online Gender Based violence to name a few. The internet and its capacity for anonymity and distance has also enabled actors who are diffident of visibility for various reasons e.

The creation of institutional markets focused on family farming, such as the Program for Purchase of Food PAA and the National Program for School Meals PNAEis an example of combining public policies, such as social assistance, education, agriculture and land development.

It was oriented at people that has a hiugh level of access and use of ICT. Perhaps what pafa more important than consideration of which steps come first, is the shifting terrain of each component.

Arquivo Distrital de Braga And that memory is resistance, especially when our histories and contribution have been and are actively being rendered invisible. Pearson Education Limited, This is happening at multiple sites, through the leadership of multiple nodes, that may or may not be in relationship with each other.

On how we understand leadership, accountability, constituency building, representation, issues, ways of organising, sites of activism, pace, change and impact. The workshop was held Friday during extra hours time once the portal edition of 6PM was over. Multiple levels of corporate sustainability. Day two Round table discussions on policy advocacy and implementation The discussions were aimed at guiding the participants to think of channels they can use fap developing policy within the university.

An in-depth review of the evolution of integrated public policies to strengthen family farms in Brazil. The constant presence of organized civil society, with its councils and forums, and of the organized movements in the rural, helped to correct and increase the actions, and conferring legitimacy to the programs.

Another is rendering moments of abeyances invisible. The facilitator further added some key points on other initiatives they can undertake towards achieving privacy advocacy. How the Internet works? Enhancing capacity of women in digital security and privacy advocacy — Welcome presentation by Mary Kiio and Yvonne Oluoch Honor of Sabeen Mahmud, a moment of silence for her death -Staying safe online presentation by Mary Kiio Discussion of various scenarios from the audience Digital Security Tools and tactics presentation by Yvonne Oluoch Privacy Advocacy presentation by Mary Kiio Group work and discussion Lunch break Afternoon session Group work and group presentations Tea break NB: This does not yet include the many people present who engage on social media as a political site of their everyday activism in pushing back against patriarchal discourse and norms, and face serious and critical backlash in response.

In this case I felt I needed documentation to give to them about the risks journalists are subjected because of not securing their digital security tools. Exploring the integration of corporate sustainability into strategic management: This brings with it some key questions compel attention as we think through how to contribute to building stronger movements. But where we have different and informal lines of accountability to each other through shared political commitment, there is a discernible lacuna.

Who do we see as leaders and custodians of the principles that matter to us in our work for change? We have thought through and provided for this through e model of institutions.

This exercise led to discussions on the traces we leave online and the possible challenges we are exposing to ourselves everytime we are online.

The facilitators gave a brief background of why the training was taking place. Related Articles



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This was coupled with physical beatings. Membro da Academia Mineira de Letras. Juiz Municipal de Guaduas Cundinamarca. Paul Ghirardani esteve esta semana em Lisboa, a convite da Trienal de Arquitectura, precisamente para falar do conceito de arquitectura ficcional. That it is very easy for anyone with a specific motive or focus to collect data about you without your knowledge and hence that is why it is important uj make use of the various digital security tools to protect your data where possible and to ensure that one does not leave their traces online. Membro da Academia Maranhense de Letras.






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