The result might be great, or not so pretty depending on the desktop resolution, page dimensions, and other factors. How to Unlock a PDF File for Printing Bizfluent None of these programs deal with PDF files that encrypt the content using 3rd party plug-ins but we can remove the plugins using free and open source tools, provided that we can use xrack password first to unlock and permit the plugin to download the secret content. That went fairly badly. There are many ways to print to PostScript or PDF, and literally hundreds of ways to break the restrictions on the resulting files. One false start then finally unprintabel through. This presents a problem for students and professionals who travel, or are otherwise not always online.

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I know I did and quite frankly I could not stand the fact that I was unable to read the textbooks I paid for on my iPad. If you have any comments or questions please use the comments form at the end of the article. Note: The PDF files you wish to extract must have printing enabled for this to work. Also because we pass the print spool to a PDF the document will lose the ability to search etc. All I am showing you is how you can remove these ridiculous restrictions from an eBook you paid for so that you can use it on other devices like the iPad.

How This Works Spool files exist to hold information that is on its way to a location on your computer, in this case your printer. Because a printer can only print one item at a time the computer creates a spool file that contains the information form the file you are printing. This spool file is slowly fed to the printer as it is printing.

We are able to extract the spool file because we print to a non-existent virtual printer. In this guide rather than create a fake printer we will simply empty the paper tray which forces Windows to store the spool file until the printer begins printing. Step 1: Download and Install Applications Before you proceed you will need several applications in order for this to work.

All applications have been tested and can be removed after you hacked the PDF files. Foxit download This application is used to print the spool file to an unrestricted PDF. Please download and install these applications before proceeding.

This is necessary so that you can access the temporary spool file for the following steps. This will create the spool files necessary to extract the SPDF in the next set of steps. Make sure that the print job was completely sent before proceeding to the next step.

Note: Spool files. Click Job List… from the menu. Select the Print Job you sent in Step 2 above. Click on the Open Jobs button. When the print job opens you will notice that it is the SPDF file you printed. Verify that the file is intact images, text, and formatting match the original SPDF. When you are ready click on File to open the menu. Click Print from the menu. Click OK to print the file. Select a save location and save the file.

Your PDF file is now unsecured and without restrictions. Enjoy it on your iPad, offline, and wherever a PDF can be read. If you run into any problems verify that you completed all of the steps above, alternately use the comments form below for assistance.


Free PDF Unlocker / Restrictions Remover

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How to Unlock a PDF File for Printing


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