Питается в основном рыбой, черепахами, рептилиями, различным млекопитающими и улитками. Важную роль в рационе взрослых особей составляют сравнительно крупные животные, такие как олени и пекари. В одном хорошо зафиксированном случае 2,9 метровый крокодил убил овчарку весом около 35 кг [7]. В солоноватых местах обитания центральноамериканские крокодилы, вероятно, иногда нападают на бычьих акул , заплывающих в реки [8].

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It was not generally accepted as a separate species until the s. The hind feet of the crocodiles are webbed. They have very explosive capabilities because of their strong muscles and are fast runners. The males can become larger than the females. This species of crocodile can mainly be found in freshwater swamps and marshes, [5] which are located inland, and in large rivers and lakes.

Dogs and goats have been taken by this species, including a record of a 2. Due to partial consumption, recorded fatal attacks are likely predatory rather than defensive in nature. Females are highly protective of their young and have reportedly been observed to aggressively displace intruders and humans if distress calls of the baby crocodiles are heard and even father crocodiles have been observed to spring to the defense of young crocodiles.

It was hunted for its hide during the s and s [43] because high quality leather can be made from their skins.

The CSG monitors all trading of crocodile skins [45] and helps determine if the skins are legal or were illegally taken.

When this organization started, all of the crocodilian species were either threatened or endangered. By one third of the crocodilian species were abundant enough to support regulated annual harvests, another third were no longer in danger of extinction, but the final one third of the species still remain endangered.


Crocodylus moreletii

Expert annotations for this species! See below. Since half of this length is tail, and only about one-sixth is head, these animals are not as intimidating as the larger, longer-snouted American crocodile Crocodylus acutus , or the more familiar Nile crocodile C. This was complicated by the suggestion Barbour and Ramsden, that the original specimens had actually been collected from Cuba and belonged to the Cuban species Crocodylus rhombifer.


Morelet's crocodile

Morelet Los cocodrilos pueden ver bajo el agua debido a su membrana nictitante que rodea el ojo. Tienen bandas oscuras y manchas en el cuerpo y la cola. Tienen 4 patas 2 delanteras y 2 traseras , junto con una larga cola que utilizan para nadar. Las patas son cortas por ello los cocodrilos siempre se encuentran muy cerca de la tierra. Las aguas salobres son las zonas donde el agua salada del mar se mezcla con el agua dulce de tierra adentro. La gama de este cocodrilo se puede solapar con el cocodrilo americano, que a veces puede dar lugar a que se confundan uno con el otro.

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