The action succeeded in winning the right to collective bargaining for all public sector employees. Other major industrial actions included a strike in and a campaign of walkouts in that resulted in above average wage increases. Further strikes in and succeeded in gaining job security in the face of new technology at the post office. A strike resulted in CUPW president Jean-Claude Parrot being jailed when the union defied back-to-work legislation passed by the Canadian parliament. In , after another strike, CUPW became the first federal civil service union in Canada to win the right to maternity leave for its members. In , Canada Post was transformed from a government department to a crown corporation , fulfilling a long-standing demand by the union.

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Was there an agreement to extend? It is important to specify that there was no agreement to extend the process. Since the employer has not completed its evidence and probably will not be finished before the end of the year , and since the Union intends to submit reply evidence, the arbitrator had no other choice but to request an extension of her mandate to be able to fulfill her obligations under the law.

Getting it Right We did not choose this process. It was forced upon us. That being said, we have to ensure we get it right. The issues before the arbitrator are of critical importance. In this context, we have to ensure we proceed based on the rules that govern this type of arbitration, to ensure the arbitrator has the evidence needed to render a decision, which, we hope, will address the situations we have experienced for far too long.

Past Experiences The last time we underwent this type of arbitration was in Under the back-to-work legislation, we did not actually proceed with the interest arbitration.

The arbitration lasted nearly two years and ended with a negotiated settlement in December prior to a decision being rendered by the appointed arbitrator. This type of arbitration is a complicated and arduous process, which requires a lot of research and preparation. Nothing can be left to chance. Make your voice heard! How can we explain that Canada Post upper management allows its representatives to oppose almost all of our demands? How can we explain that, once again, this Holiday Season, nothing will be done to protect our health and safety, to improve work-life balance, and to ensure that thousands of workers get paid for all hours worked?

How can we explain that, despite its lofty rhetoric that you matter, Canada Post allows for problems to persist for years? There is no explanation! You are exhausted. You barely see your family and friends. You want a decent job instead of precarious work.

You want to continue working without risk of injury, so that one day, you can be healthy enough to enjoy a long and well-deserved retirement. Send Canada Post a strong message! You deserve respect and dignity, not just lofty rhetoric. Our true strength is our solidarity!


Canadian Union of Postal Workers



Collective Agreements


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