I kept thinking the title and cover is very misleading. However, things changed in the second half, once the relationship started between the two main characters, things heated up which was fine. But as it went on, in the second half and towards the ending a lot of things I didnt like. The heroine, lost all brain cells and back bone and left everything up to Dominic who had the upper hand in the relationship. Arlie started out the story being so strong despite not being of peerage, and being orphaned.

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I loved the way it started off, but the middle and ending were awful. January 1, DNF. A weak woman who sets her mind on a worthless man and does anything he wants even though he hurts her many times without as much as an excuse for his behavior and an apology. January 1, Julia I read this one before Reading it the second time, I did enjoy it somewhat but it was nothing special.

January 1, Dianna Great ward love storyI love a good ward story!!! This was definitley a great one from the first page to the very last! She is a strong, independent woman prone to wearing breeches and speaking her mind. Sound like your everyday woman? But not in Life changes for Arlie when she becomes the ward of the reputed rakehell Dominic Santrell, the Earl of Rochford.

Arlie must learn to be a proper lady and Dominic must resist the urge to take his beautiful young ward to bed. In this Regency romance the reader is transported to early 19th century England. Julia Templeton is a master at keeping us immersed in the language and culture of the time without making this a tedious read. The personality and dialogue of each character serves to add a richness to this work.

There are no superfluous characters. Each person represented has a rich depth to them and makes you want to know more about everyone, from the elegant and titled nobility to each servant and supporting character. One of the greatest things when reading this novel was the advantage of the dual POV from the main characters. We are treated to the thoughts and feelings of both Dominic and Arlie, giving us a real feeling for the irresistible pull between them as they struggle to stay apart.

The exquisite torture felt by both characters as their undeniable attraction grows leaves the reader with the sense of a personal stake in the relationship. When things go well we are as relieved as the characters themselves; the same is true for our frustration at their troubles.

The dialogue is flowing and meaningful, the sex steamy and well-written and the sense of being transported back in time is priceless. I would recommend this to any fan of romance novels of any type. My only question at the end of this book is what will Julia Templeton do next and how soon can I read it? I think there is something there I have to say I find her style of writing to be very refreshing. This being the first I have read of her adult historical romances, I was quite pleased.

The book flows very well. The book is told from the view points of both Arlie and Dominic, alternating sometimes by chapter and other times within the same scene. Both the primary and secondary characters are very entertaining. He added some humor to the story. This is an adult romance and there are some steamy scenes, however I felt that they were written in a more "classy" way than some other adult reads.

Julia Templeton is an excellent story-teller and there was alot more to this than just the sex scenes. The only thing I could find fault with, was the epilogue.

I felt the story ended and the epilogue was a little rushed. Although it did answer alot of those "what happens next? All in all I really enjoyed this book. January 1, Kyra Dunst I do so love a romance where two remarkably flawed people find love together despite all odds against them.

Dominic and Arlie are about as flawed as they come. Arlie has the wrong parentage for the ton, but Dominic is determined to see her married off after finding himself responsible for her. The only problem is that Dominic finds himself lusting after the innocent girl. Also, Dominic has a reputation as a rakehe I do so love a romance where two remarkably flawed people find love together despite all odds against them. Also, Dominic has a reputation as a rakehell, and he makes no apologies for it. This story has more erotic elements than some others in the genre, but the scenes are well written, and not overly intense at least in my opinion.

My only complaint falls with a few elements that seem to stray from the uniform formula in the genre. For instance, Dominic is a known rakehell, and a bachelor, yet he does not hire a chaperone for his new ward.

From what I understand, admittedly through other period romance novels, this would automatically have ruined Arlie.

I have read, and loved, other books from Ms. Templeton, and I would recommend her as an author to follow. I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, and I have received no other compensation in return.

January 1, Anji Wentzel I was given this book exchange for a fair and honest review. January 1, Greselley Well, this book has evoke so many feelings from me while reading, most of the time unpleasant feelings toward the characters. But she consented of being his mistress. If you really want to read this book, it requires patience or indifference. January 1, Liz I loved this book. Although Arlie is 17 and Dom is 33, Arlie seemed to be more mature than her 17 years.

She looses her father and ends up with Dom who she met once when she was a little kid and remembers him as her black prince. Dom is not used to having anyone at his house so having a 17 year old that he lusts after is no easy task. I think Dom is hot and the sexual tension between them on certain occassi I loved this book.

I think Dom is hot and the sexual tension between them on certain occassions makes this book anything but boring. The way he treated h after he took her as his mistress made me wanted to slap him, not sure why h accept it and still chose to stay waiting for him.

January 1, CC I stopped reading at page Also taking too long to get to sex between the main characters. Too many editorial errors made it an annoying read. Giving it to Goodwill. Poor editing January 1, Lisa I am not one to care about the historical facts being sacrificed for the sake of a good story. The heroine becomes the ward of the hero. The premise seemed interesting enough, but the characters were flat, the writing boring and repetitive, and the plot left a lot to be desired.

January 1, Jennifer More of a harlequin romance type with an abundance of sex. This author has written better. January 1, Louise I liked the story but lost a bit of respect for Arlie towards the end for letting herself be treated so badly by Dominic for so long. January 1,


Dangerous Desires




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