The flexible online music classes with Dholak playing online instrumental music lessons facilitated on Skype and Google hangouts is the best option for learning Indian Dholak at home, offering affordability and convenience to the Dholak instrumental music students all over the world. Divya school of music offering DM Live core online music lessons is promoted by the top music school in India - Divya sangeet music vidhyalaya, as the best sangit - online international music education center in India conducting Dholak learning hobby lessons for the global music students. Dholak instrumental music classes and levels of learning: Online instrumental music courses - Dholak playing online lessons on Skype and Google hangouts is available with DM Live Core Divya music school online classes are for all levels of Dholak learning and classifications for the global students. The three levels are for the beginners - Dholak students. Details - Learning to play Dholak for beginner level.

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Total weekly online Dholak classes as live, one-on-one, interactive lessons through Skype or Google hangouts. Dholak may either have traditional cotton rope lacing with steel rings used for rope tuning and pegs twisted inside the laces or a modern screw turnbuckle tuning with nuts and bolts helping to produce the tension. Dholak weighs about 4 kilograms and is about 16 inches in length, it has a simple membrane on the smaller right-hand side for high pitch sound, the larger left-hand membrane has a special coating on the inner surface, a mixture of tar, clay and sand which helps to lower the pitch and fine tune, creating a well-defined tone.

The Dholak drum is pitched, depending on size, with an interval of perhaps a perfect fourth or perfect fifth between the two drum heads.

Dholak is related to the larger Punjabi drum Dhol which is played with sticks and the smaller hand played drum called Dholki. Learn how to play Dholak : Two primary techniques of playing Dholak include the open hand method suitable for louder playing and the other being controlled fingering method for articulate performance.

All or select fingers and hand are generally used to play a Dholak but in a few styles of playing Dholak an iron thumb ring is used. Dholak players are often adept at singing, chanting or storytelling as a primary entertainer or as a lead drummist for a dance troupe performance.

The online Dholak training program lessons are not strictly curriculum guided classical music classes like Tabla or Pakhawaj, Dholak is a folk music instrument which do not have syllabus based classes. GAALC Online Training Programs GAALC conducts online hobby learning programs of variable term duration for beginners, intermediate and advanced level global music students with live, one-on-one, interactive, private online music class lessons conducted through Skype or Google hangouts.

Students can join the Dholak training program at any appropriate level of training to learn Dholak playing skills from international faculty of professional Dholak tutors. The students of Dholak online training program lessons for beginners learn about Dholak musical instrument, how to tune Dholak the rope-tuned Dholak and the nut-bolt tuned Dholak, how to play Dholak, basic bols, Dholak playing posture, popular Dholak music Taals, with the advancement towards intermediate and advanced levels programs, the students learn to play professionally the Dholak Taal variations, tihai, fillers etc.

Save on the valuable time and money wasted on travelling to the nearest Dholak teacher or percussion music school. Avoid traffic woes.


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