Kolam designs include simple , easy patterns with dots and without for beginners and kids with steps. You may discover Indian vegetarian recipes, traditional crafts - flowers decoration, aarti plate art ,for Varalakshmi Vratham ,Ganesh Chaturthi , Navarathri Dusshera Lakshmi Aarti song in Telugu Navratri Varalakshmi Aarti songs are important in the celebration of festivals and on Fridays. After completion of Puja we offer Aarti to God or Goddess and it is customary to sing a song in praise of the God or Goddess for who we are performing the Puja. The aarti aarthi song in Telugu, a small and simple song has been sung in our family for decades, I understand that my mother-in-law learnt it from her elder relatives when she lived in a place called Ontimitta near Cudappah. The song is sung on Fridays, daily during Navratri and for Varalakshmi Puja. Then take a twin lamp for aarti and apply sandalwood paste , turmeric powder and kumkum on four sides.

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Sairam friends This morning i got a dream like this.. I see Nagasai saibaba who appeared as Serpant on jan 7th portrait infront of me. Its a portrait of snake with flowers around him as he is Saibaba.

I am sitting in a mat about 10 feets away. I say to saibaba in dream.. It was as if the mat is sliding towards Nagasai…. Since it was thursday my father played Shirdi Saibaba Aarti in C. Probably i was in half sleep and half wake state. So there was a second dream like this… In the dream i see me and my sai friends kanna and vengadesh going inside a beautiful temple..

I realized one this surprisingly…what ever way i heared the beats and harmoniam etc which my father played in C. D , in the dream i can clealy see the musicians playing and hitting the mrudangam exactly as if they are playing it in reality thouse my father is listening to aarti in C.

D I woke up, realized some message in this.. For years i dint uploaded Shirdi Saibaba aarti and bhajans in starsai because i felt if someone says its copyrighted then being a ordinary person i only have to delete them. Today i realized Saibaba wants me to upload some of Shirdi Saibaba aarti and bhajans and request each and every sai devotee to Listen to Saibabas aarti regularly in their house.

What i understood from vidid dream : If i saw musicians playing musical instruments when my father played aarti c. I kindly request you to download all the 4 aarti of Shirdi Saibaba and learn the meaning , listen to them either in your computer, record it in C.

D and play them or you can also upload in your mobile and listen to them. VenkatRaman — 5 Note : The below Aarti of shirdi Sai baba are copyrighted to respective producers.

I have posted here to inspire devotion for personal use. You can try to get Saibaba aarthi c. Shirdi saibaba Kakad aarti for listening online Download link for listening in P. Kindly ignore them. If there are any complaints please mail me friends. Shirdi Saibaba Madhyana Aarti download link for playing in P.

D and Mobile.


Sai Baba Dhoop Aarti in Telugu



Shirdi Sai Baba Dhoop Aarti English Lyrics



Sai Satcharita Online Reading


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