Accelerated urbanization imposes immense pressure on the dwindling energy sources and fragile ecosystems. Yet, the resource crunch confronting energy supplies can be alleviated if we design and develop future buildings by incorporating sound concepts of energy efficiency and sustainability. Covering 41 projects from India s various climatic zones, this book provides thorough insights into the context, techniques, and benefits of energy-efficient buildings. The projects highlight design responses to varied climatic conditions, appropriate materials and construction methods, implementation of energy-efficient systems, and effective utilization of renewable energy to reduce pressure on grid power. This book will inspire architects, designers, urban planners, engineers, and students to build for a better tomorrow.

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In her current role Mili is responsible for technical adaptation and customization of the portfolio of rating systems of GBCI for the Asia Pacific region. She is also responsible for customer coordination, education, training, and developing market mechanisms for adoption of the tools and rating systems for the region. An architecture graduate and a building technologies specialist, Mili has more than two decades of experience in the field of energy and environment with a focus on sustainable development of habitats.

She has worked tremendously in the sectors of green buildings, climate resilient housing, city planning and urban transportation. She has led a team of professionals to develop a portfolio of green rating systems for habitats that have been widely accepted in India. Mili has also enabled the development of a large portfolio of green jobs through training and skill enhancement.

Most recently, she was leading a group of 50 professionals pan India to steer several aspects of sustainable habitat ranging from policy analysis and development, providing technical assistance to various clients in designing and implementing green buildings, enabling energy efficiency retrofits in existing buildings, evaluating financial viability of green building projects, providing technical inputs to various market players to understand, and catering to the needs of Indian green building markets, developing, and delivering training to diverse group of stakeholders.

She has developed a new portfolio of project on design and viable business models for climate resilient housing As the Senior Director for the Division, her role also included guidance on macro issue related to resilience planning of cities and urban transportation. She has enabled development of a large portfolio of green jobs through skill enhancement, training, and creation of enabling environment for income generation through credentialing, evaluation and consulting services.

Has lectured in several national and international forum. Has authored several books and publications in the domain of Sustainable Habitats. She is widely travelled and has lectured in several national and international seminars and conferences. Learn More.


Mili Majumdar

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