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Dit The cost-benefit analysis shall be based on a description of the planned installation and the comparison installation scovering electrical and thermal capacity, as applicable, fuel type, planned usage and the number of planned operating hours annually, location and electricity and thermal demand. Artikel 18 Absatz 1 Buchstabe d Ziffer i. Member States may exempt individual installations from being required, by the authorisation and permit criteria referred to in paragraph 7, to implement options whose benefits exceed their costs, if there are imperative reasons of law, ownership or finance for so doing.

For savings in kWh electricity Member States may apply a default coefficient of 2,5. To tap the energy savings potential in certain market segments where energy audits are generally not offered commercially such as small and medium-sized enterprises SMEsMember States should develop programmes to encourage SMEs to undergo energy audits.

Regulations specifying the inclusion of equivalent requirements in any subcontracting with third parties. A number of municipalities and other public bodies in the Member States have already put into place integrated approaches to energy saving and energy supply, for example via sustainable energy action plans, such as those developed under the Covenant of Mayors initiative, and integrated urban approaches which go beyond individual interventions in buildings or transport modes.

LE CRATYLE PDF The efficiency reference values shall be calculated according to the following principles: Member States shall ensure that energy distributors, distribution system operators and retail energy sales companies refrain from any activities that may impede the demand for and delivery of energy services or other energy efficiency improvement measures, or hinder the development of markets for such services or measures, including foreclosing the market for competitors or abusing dominant positions.

L 52 vom There is a need to identify and remove regulatory and non-regulatory barriers to the use of energy performance contracting and other third-party financing arrangements for energy savings. Energy efficiency energkeeffizienzrichtlinie for energy network regulation and for electricity network tariffs. Nele friedrichsen jacobs university bremen academia. C 24 vom In determining the energy saving from policy measures applied under point a of the second subparagraph of Article 7 9the following principles shall apply:.

Need more search options? Such systems services may be determined by the system operator and shall not adversely impact the security of the system. Within the energy efficiency obligation scheme, Member States may: The geographical boundary shall cover a suitable well-defined geographical enerhieeffizienzrichtlinie, e.

By 30 Junethe Commission shall submit a report to energieeffizienzrichtpinie European Parliament and the Council on the implementation of Article 7. In particular, Initiative 26 of the White Paper calls for appropriate standards for CO 2 emissions of vehicles in all modes, where necessary supplemented by requirements on energy efficiency to address all types of propulsion systems.

Account shall be taken of the potential for developing local and regional heat markets. Use of individual meters or heat cost allocators for measuring individual consumption of heating in multi-apartment buildings supplied by district heating or common central heating is beneficial when final customers have a means to control their own individual consumption. Member States should therefore be able to exempt those installations from the obligation to carry out a cost-benefit analysis for providing the installation with equipment allowing the recovery of waste heat by means of a high-efficiency cogeneration unit.

Would you like to keep them? This increases competition in the energy market because energy utilities can differentiate their product by providing complementary energy services. Clear and transparent list of steps to be performed to implement a measure or package of measures and, where relevant, associated costs. National Energy Efficiency Action Plans shall include an assessment of the progress achieved in implementing the comprehensive assessment referred to in Article 14 1.

The obligation referred to in paragraph 1 shall apply to the contracts of the armed forces only to the extent that its application does not cause any conflict with the nature and primary aim of the activities of the armed forces.

Was den Gasbereich betrifft, wird keine Frist festgesetzt, aber es wird die Aufstellung eines Zeitplans vorgeschrieben. The data shall correspond to the intervals for which frequent billing information has been produced; and. Energieeffizienz ist ein wertvolles Instrument, um diese Herausforderungen anzugehen.

Where energy audits are carried out by in-house experts, the necessary independence would require these experts not to be directly engaged in the activity audited. TOP 10 Related.


EU-Energieeffizienzrichtlinie 2012-27-EU



EU-Energieeffizienzrichtlinie EED: Fernablesung mit ista


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