Life[ edit ] Letter from Eustace Mullins to J. His father was a salesman in a retail clothing store. Pound was at the time incarcerated in St. Mullins visited the poet frequently, and for a time acted as his secretary.

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Feb 11, Eric rated it liked it This is a great reference book but I honestly had to force myself to finish reading it.

Mullins is understandably upset that his original research for this book has been plagiarized without credit from various other authors on the subject. He was the man commissioned by Ezra Pound to investigate the money system of the US. Pound was unable to do this himself as he was being held as a political prisoner, presumably on the grounds of mental infirmity. What Mr. Mullins fails to appreciate This is a great reference book but I honestly had to force myself to finish reading it.

This subject is of paramount importance to the concerned citizenry of this planet. Anyone that truly cares about it should hope that it is broadcast by the most effective producers.

That said, I would recommend my favorite books on the subject first: "The Creature From Jekyll Island" "Web of Debt" "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve" is a great reference work if you want names, dates, associations, and quotes. Or, just buy it to pay credit to the book that lays the cornerstone of all financial truth.

This book is shocking. And you could probably sit there and research every single accusation it makes and fall down the rabbit hole forever. Mass media has been manipulated a lot longer than we thought, in order to sway and distract us. There are currently two copies of this book in my house now, because everyone wants to read it. Bauer, who adopted the name "Rothschild" or Red Shield from the red shield which he hung over his door to advertise his business.

I read this book with This book is exceptionally well cited and documented. I read this book with a highlighter in hand. I could have highlighted something of importance on every page. The directors of the Federal Reserve System have all along been able to get away with every scenario they chose to enact because the people were not able to understand what was happening.

They were led to believe that mysterious forces caused great and bad things to happen. The only reason they were able to get away with this for so long, there was no internet. We now have the power to learn together and share our findings so that once esoteric facts become common knowledge. There is a whole lot of truth in the expression knowledge is power.

Reading this is a relatively small time to invest in something so important at this moment in our history. We can stop this cycle of feast and famine, we just need to create a political will in the people to get it done. The Federal Reserve System could also destroy money in large quantities through open market operations.

Eccles said, at the Silver Hearings of "When you sell bonds on the open market, you extinguish reserves. Calling in or destroying money gives the banker immediate and unlimited control of the financial situation, since he is the only one with money and the only one with the power to issue money in a time of money shortage. The money panics of , , , and , were characterized by a drawing in of the circulating medium. In economical terms, this does not sound like such a terrible thing, but when it means that people do not have money to pay their rent or buy food, and when it means that an employer has to lay off three-fourths of his help because he cannot borrow the money to pay them, the enormous guilt of the bankers and the long record of suffering and misery for which they are responsible would suggest that no punishment might be too severe for their crimes against their fellowmen.

I am glad to see that there finally some calls for the Fed to be audited because it seems to me that the Fed is a criminal enterprise.


The Secrets Of The Federal Reserve



Eustace Mullins






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