Some people will perhaps only read the cover and introduction and dismiss it as soon as any little bit of I pity those reviewers above, and people like them, who ridicule authors like R. Some people will perhaps only read the cover and introduction and dismiss it as soon as any little bit of information flies in the face of their beliefs or normalcy biases. For those people I like to offer a great Einstein quote and one of my personal favorites and that is: "Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance" On a positive note - I found this book to be a very interesting gathering of information and collection of obscure and remote antiquated information, i. And I am of the school of thought that that has been so for intentional purposes - to keep us from bigger truths. The author clearly cites all of his fascinating sources and cross-references them rather plausibly so as to shed new light on even the more popular accounts in scripture and even proposing a whole new interpretations that make the long-standing scholarly so-called interpretations seem vague and incomplete at best.

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What is the origin of the human race? Science tells us we evolved from lower primates, but that has never been an entirely satisfying explanation. A number of authors have speculated that we were created to be a "slave race" for aliens. Charles Fort, known for his collections of tales about showers of frogs and other objects falling from the sky, believed we are "owned" by an alien race from another planet.

But how about this for an answer: A race of reptilian aliens created Adam and Eve to work in their vegetable garden. That is the story line in this rather outrageous book from author R. Boulay takes us where even Zechariah Sitchen did not go. Nibiru is supposedly a planet in our own solar system that has a long elliptical orbit that takes thousands of years to complete a rotation around the sun.

The Nephilim of the Bible are the offspring of the Annunaki "gods" and human females. But Sitchen never said the Annunaki were reptiles. David Icke has a particularly disturbing view of them as a sinister race that has somehow managed to control human elites throughout history.

William Bramley in The Gods of Eden takes a similar path. Some stories also involve shape-shifting - that some humans of the reptilian bloodline can actually turn into large reptiles, then shapeshift back to human form. There are supposedly witness accounts of this. In his view, reptilian aliens figure in cultures across the globe. They are the basis for the Chinese flying dragons and the winged serpents of Central and South America and were the Nagas of ancient India.

The Sumerian art shows winged beings, but does not generally depict reptilians. The use of wings in images indicates the flying machines of the aliens, whose orbiting space ship was physically present during the years before the Deluge and after for a period of hundreds of years, says Boulay. He also says they generally did not wish to be seen by humans, but he also implies that they could take on a human form. But the Bible does say that the Nephilim mated with human women "when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them" -Bible It describes continuing relationships between humans and these beings, whoever they were.

Reptiles do not need clothes, but apparently their half-breed offspring had taken on characteristics more like the creatures of their own planet and saw they had become different from their creator. This caused shame and the need to hide within clothing.

The origin of "original sin, perhaps? That was pretty hard for me to process. Boulay attempts to explain the roles of the Sumerian alien cast of characters An, Enki, Enlil, Ishtar, etc.

Adad was given control over the Hebrews by a bigger god, An. Boulay makes the Deluge of the Bible into a pivotal worldwide event that actually swamped the original landing site of the aliens which is now under the waters of the Persian Gulf. It is unclear as to whether the aliens caused the Deluge or simply knew it would happen. It seems likely it was the result of some cosmic shift in the heavens that was foreshadowed by drought and other climate change on earth. As a replacement for their ruined spaceport which was drowned in the Deluge, the aliens built the colossal stone platform containing the hugest stone blocks on earth , which still exists, at the site of Baalbek in modern Lebanon.

They continued to control the affairs of man until they finally withdrew, leaving behind their seed, the reptilian bloodline that had merged with earthbound primate DNA. The stories of these gods became human mythology. I tried to find out more information about the author, but he is now deceased and apparently never had any online presence.

The brief "About the Author" in the book says he worked for the National Security Agency NSA as a cryptologist and intelligence reporter and that the book was originally published in The current publisher, listed as The Book Tree in San Diego, could not have been working from an original file; the technical quality is very poor.

Many of the illustrations are of such poor quality that the captions are unreadable. Did they make a copy of an earlier edition? The content is also somewhat disjointed and overlapping, as if pieces were written at different times, then put together into a book. It would certainly be helpful to know if the author might have had access to forbidden information through his association with NSA. An internet search turned up a previous edition from Galaxy Books, with only a few used copies available.

I have to wonder if that edition has the same illustrations with better quality, or were these illustrations added and just badly reproduced? There is so much more I want to know about human history and apparently, so did R.

If you truly want to know who we are and where we came from, you may want to consider that Boulay could be right about at least some of his amazing conclusions about our reptilian alien origins. Click below to go to amazon.


Flying Serpents and Dragons: The Story of Mankind's Reptilian Past



Flying Serpents and Dragons



Flying Serpents And Dragons




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