Judge Search Search for: The Danger and Deception of Channelling In the middle of the 19th century a new spiritual craze swept through the Western world. Even Jesus Christ — or, rather, unseen entities calling themselves Jesus Christ — transmitted messages…usually of a highly sentimental, unphilosophical, immature, and even foolish nature. The fact that these beings, giving forth speeches and messages through their mediums, seemed entirely ignorant of even basic facts and information which they would have known during their lifetime — and that their views and messages about certain vital matters were now largely contradictory to those which history and record shows them to have held while they were on earth, in many cases now taking on a distinctly Westernised or Christianised nature, just like the nature and views of the mediums themselves — seemed not to daunt or faze the Spiritualists, who were so overwhelmed with all the sensational claims and messages that they willingly abandoned their faculties of rationality, reason, common sense, and discernment. In the teachings of Theosophy, the actual nature of such messages and entities is explained, in the thorough and complex detail which such a matter requires.

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At a later time it was decided to include the content of the pages of the dictations of the Ascended Masters as given to Mr. Ballard, co-mingling these texts on a subject-by-subject basis and publishing them as textbooks. Now, for the first time, the student has the opportunity to be informed of the content of the dictations by both Miss Innocente and Mr.

Ballard of 13, pages, all given through the vehicle of accepted literary standards in high schools and universities, such as having headlines for each article and reading about one subject only once and in all detail. It is easy for the reader to distinguish between the lawfully registered AMTF-Publications and that of other groups. The Foundation believes these teachings are authentic, should be left intact, and continued unchanged.

There was the danger that most of this precious material would be lost to mankind forever. The instructions are a practical guide in reaching the goal of all life, namely the gaining of mastery over energy and vibration, which together with passing the Seven Initiations, will result in the ascension. This teaching is designed for those individuals who are searching for the highest aspect of truth.

What is my Plan and Destiny? What exactly happens after the physical body leaves the Earth so-called death?


Obituary of Geraldine Mary Innocente

Question de Christine Comment faire pour tйlйcharger les leзons? Bonne йtude! Je vais tout de suite dйmarrer la 1ere leзon. Merci а vous de tout mon coeur. Pour vous toutes mes belles pensйes lumineuses.


The Danger and Deception of Channelling


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