It is by its nature a dynamic topic. This Very Short Introduction has been fully updated for a fourth edition, to include recent developments in global politics, the global economy, and environmental issues. Presenting globalization as a multifaceted process encompassing global, regional, and local aspects of social life, Manfred B. Steger looks at its causes and effects, examines whether it is a new phenomenon, and explores the question of whether, ultimately, globalization is a good or a bad thing. In this fourth edition Steger discusses some of the key features of recent years, such as the EU fiscal crisis, the rise of robot technology and new war technology with civilian usage such as drones, the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, and new identity discussions around gender fluidity and sex change in the media. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly.

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Steger mentions The Peace of Westphalia in relation to political globalization. The Peace of Westphalia ended many religious wars between the main European powers after the Protestant Reformation. The Peace of Westphalia came in the form of the Westphalian model. The Westphalian model is a political development that led to the creation of modern nation-states.

Based on the idea that all states had equality in self-determination, the Westphalian model reinforced a new perception of international law.

They believe regional economies linked together through production and exchange will determine political order in the future. Steger, however, believes that both hyperglobalizers and globalization skeptics have strong arguments. Globalization has both positive and negative effects on culture around the world. They believe there is an increased homogenized popular culture based on Western ideologies. This also means there is a lack of cultural diversity. The commentators use Amazonian Indians wearing Nike products and Palestinian youths wearing Chicago Bulls sweatshirts as examples of the increased homogenized pop culture across the world.

One social theorist directly refers to the spread of democracy and free markets as a couple of good influences of globalization. Share this:.


Steger’s View on Political Globalization (Week 9)

As Marx and Engels noted, however, the rise of the European bourgeoisie and the related intensification of global interconnections would not have been possible without the 19th- century explosion of science and technology. This Very Short Introduction has been fully updated for a fourth edition, to include recent developments in global politics, the global economy, and environmental issues. The brunt of my critique is directed at particular manifestations and tendencies of globalization that strike me as being at odds with the noble cosmopolitan vision of a more egalitarian and less violent global order. Powerful firms with subsidiaries in several countries, their numbers skyrocketed from 7, in to about 50, in I also want to express my deep appreciation to numerous readers, reviewers, and audiences around the world, who, over several years, made insightful comments in response to my public lectures and publications on the subject of globalization. Public users are able to search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter without a subscription. It is reasonable to assume that his terrorist strategy is being shaped continuously by technological breakthroughs achieved in American and Indian computer labs, as well as by political and military decisions made in Washington, DC, Brussels, and other parts of the world.


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Shelves: politics-history Severely disappointing. For a book meant to be an introduction to globalization, Steger sure loves putting his own thoughts and opinions alongside the actual facts. It really loses direction in the last two chapters and never recovers. The fact that he includes one of his own books in the reference section really rubs me the wrong way. Not so much a very short introduction as a very short diatribe. Misses the mark - by far.



See also: Internet Cultural globalization is the intensification and expansion of cultural flows across the globe. See also: Anthropocene and Global issue Topics of ecological globalization include population growth, access to food, worldwide reduction in biodiversity, the gap between rich and poor as well as between the global North and global South, human-induced climate change, and global environmental degradation. Ideologies[ edit ] Globalization operates on a cross-cutting "ideological dimension" filled with a range of norms, claims, beliefs, and narratives about the phenomenon itself. According to Steger, there are three main types of globalisms ideologies that endow the concept of globalization with particular values and meanings : market globalism, justice globalism, and religious globalisms. Justice globalism constructs an alternative vision of globalization based on egalitarian ideals of global solidarity and distributive justice.


Globalization: A Very Short Introduction

Please try again later. Feeling its trunk, one blind man argued that the elephant was like a lively snake. However, a more nuanced understanding of the interactions between the local, national, regional, and global. This fleeting mode of social interaction changed dramatically about 10, years ago when humans took the crucial step of producing their own globalisagion.

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