Malasida Thankfully, most vehicles give qutoduel bonus to Driver rolls. Even though the U. Roads are in bad repair and mostly vanish under the weather, and a lot of travel has to be done by expensive plane. Houston is only really known for its fortified university — the rest of the city is run by savages. At least Steve and company were on the mark with the predictions about gas reserves running low checked the pump lately? More Information Edit History.

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It turns out oil dried up in the s, somehow. Well, it seemed inevitable at the time. Meanwhile, Britain falls into a civil war sparked by Ireland, starting the "Irish War". Beirut is nuked by unnamed, faceless terrorists, which creates increased anti-terrorism policies from countries, largely of dubious efficacy.

We also get the electric car early, as well as the discovery of crude virtual reality technology. The collapse of gas results in a rise in nuclear and solar power, as well as the refinement of the electric car.

Australia develops a form of ethanol based on sugar cane, while the US military turns to grain alcohol for fuel. Aircraft and air travel become a massive luxury. Death Sports With the sensation springing up from the seemingly accidental death of a pro wrestler on live TV, a craze of "death sports" emerged in America where people risked or lost their lives. Due to public pressure, these sports were eventually legalized much later, but TV stations broadcast their exploits illegally for quite some time.

GURPS Autoduel posted: Psychologists concluded that death sports helped their audiences cope with their own deepening frustrations - with the worsening economy, with tightening government control, with the overall stress of modern living - by viewing these murderous sports and an vicariously "murdering" every obstacle in their way. For those now considering your own new exciting death sport, this is not psychologically accurate.

The year sees the biggest event in this time period, which is the American government attempting nationalize oil reserves. Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma secede, and the following Second Civil War quickly turns too costly for America to pursue. California threatens succession, but federal military occupation puts the skids on that.

Utah secedes under conservative religious leadership to form the Republic of Deseret, and America lets them go, having no ability to effectively fight a third Civil War. The total collapse of Mexico attracts American cycle gangs, who migrate south to loot and pillage, at least until Mexican civilian militias start to beat them back. Shootout , a capture-the-flag event using guns, is aired on sports networks until the FBI shuts it down. Deseret, after negotiations, agrees to rejoin the US as an "autonomous region".

Mexican warlords then kick the cycle gangs back to America for the most part, and a few turn to raiding each other or Texas. Science seems to march on despite national collapse. Virtual reality technology develops the ability to store if not interpret information from the brain, while mammal cloning is perfected at Harvard.

A "tragic lab accident" discovers that information from brains can be gleaned after death, though only for short periods.

The first human cloning in America quickly turns to a legal battle in which it is declared human clones have full rights, with the cloners having parental responsibilities over the created clones. Meanwhile, scientists learn to fast-grow cattle clones in half the time, a big leap for industrialized farming.

The Grain Blight With the world already in or teetering on collapse, we have the final apocalyptic spark, which is the grain blight known more often as just "the Blight". A highly virulent virus of unknown infection methods, it quickly destroys grain crops in US and Russia, and then spreads to the rest of the world rapidly. Only Australia, which effectively closes its borders to prevent infection, remains untouched. US and Russia blame each other for the Blight, and thirty minutes of nuclear exchange are sparked.

However, most of the ballistic nuclear weapons are nullified by satellite defense systems, and only a comparative handful of nukes land. After a small number of impacts and about thirty minutes, both countries go to talks to prevent further disaster.

While processed foods that contain preservatives are immune to the Blight, things rapidly get worse worldwide as food reserves start to run down. As "Secession Fever" continues, Quebec secedes from Canada with a brief civil war there, and Ireland obtains its independence at the end of its long war with Britain. Next: What the future holds. After a few years of waning food supplies and massive starvation, the "Food Riots" begin, and order collapses entirely in most countries.

Cities are looted while people flee to rural areas, where they conflict with locals over land. Highly organized cycle gangs, already honed from their raids across Mexico, proceed to ride in and clean house in America. Asia is hit the hardest of any continent, with flotillas crossing the Pacific to try and escape the chaos going on there.

Africa and South America fragment and those continents descend into complete third-world status. Surviving farms, towns, and cities in America began to take on a fortress mentality to fight off raiders and bandits, and armed caravans began to emerge as a means of combating bandits and raiders.

State governments fall apart, and local governments are left operating effectively independently. While the US military is converting over to electric technology during this time, it will arrive too late to prevent the shitstorm hitting the proverbial turbine. Texans and Mexicans raid each other constantly. Minnesota also secedes briefly before diplomatic talks bring Northern Cali and Minnesota back into the fold. Britain keeps order through severe rationing and martial law.

Meanwhile, refugees from all over the world converge on Australia. Scientists rapidly work on a way to counter the Blight, but no cure is forthcoming. Instead, the focus is put on alternative foods, and the development of "quick-grow" techniques developed for cloning make it possible to develop a fast-growing algae, which is put into production by ConTexCo, a Texan company. Meanwhile, Dr. The Supreme Court eventually declares the mindless clone to be "experimental material" and Sardusky is freed and immediately hired by Amalgamated Meditech.

Secret experiments at Meditech find a way to transfer stored memories from earlier technology into fast-grown clones, and they create a new division to pursue a means of practical if not literal immortality: Gold Cross. Meanwhile, the growing algae industry begins to distribute a cheap, plentiful food source. Art from Sunday Drivers.

The s With the economy slow starting to recover between the new food source and the refurbished US military, the federal government of the United States develops a mobile reorganization for the Army to reassert control over the country.

Russia, on the other hand, seizes government control of any and all food supplies to enforce order. Mexico and Texas sign a peace treaty, though Mexican warlords still continue to raid other border states.

Australia tries to turn back refugees while simultaneously fighting "vigilantes" trying to just slaughter or sink refugee boats.

Britain confiscates all private weaponry in reaction to events across the rest of the world. US forces finally turn back Mexican warlords, who make a concerted push into California only to be driven back. Science-wise, Gold Cross becomes massively successful, with rich people beating down their door to have clones made to cheat death. The Supreme Court rules than a clone programmed with the memories of an individual is treated as that individual, legally, but does not at the time deal with the question of a living person with a programmed clone.

However, "living clones" tend to be banned locally in America nationwide as a result. Autoduel Death sports are legalized in America and later in Canada, giving us the birth of autoduelling when "Crazy Joe" Hershman puts a. Unsurprisingly, given the writers, the first official "autoduel" is held in Austin, Texas. The Boy Scouts and other scouting organizations reform as the Scout Commando Corps, where armed young men learn to help local communities maintain order and defense.

The popularity of autoduelling and the still generally chaotic nature of rural areas leads to the production of the first mass-market armed vehicles. Meanwhile, Australia legalizes autoduelling in more lawless regions. Autoduelling becomes a pasttime on American roads for a variety of reasons, sometimes just as the equivalent of street racing or good-natured brawling except when somebody loses a face. Local autoduellist clubs form, and often serve as local defense for communities that hold them, to say nothing of armed police cars.

The s The era of roving cycle gangs in America and Canada starts to wane symbolically when the MONDOs Midville Operatives for Neighborhood Defensive Ordinance of Midville, Ohio fight off the reknowned gang the Crusaders using only traps and small arms, and similar local defense organizations are inspired by their heroics.

Gangs are still widespread, but attacks on local communities start to die down as a constant concern. GURPS Autoduel posted: Car Wars , autoduelling simulation game, is released to the public; immediate hit with duelling fans, game is scorned by real-life duellists. Autoduelling vehicles, designed for sale in other counties, are stolen by criminal organizations or by heist organizers in Britain.

The British government is forced to arm police vehicles as a response. Meanwhile, news organizations start to include spectacular coverage of duels in their traffic coverage, which starts to actually outpace arena autoduelling. Miyagi, if Mr. A real thing that was sold. What happens in Europe or Japan? And that brings us to - or , as the timeline of Car Wars was always set perpetually fifty years in the future.

Well, it was where the line was buried for the next decade. We get some generalities that local laws vary widely in the setting. Armed people and vehicles - concealed or otherwise - are legal unless specifically noted, though actually using them is illegal inside city limits in most jurisdictions. Active autoduellists in a city may also be held accountable for property damage, or just shot on sight. Keeping vehicular weapons trained on another vehicle is considered insulting and often a good way to trigger a duel.

Some municipalities prohibit weapons entirely. Each section notes the quality of roads; some are in bad enough shape to damage tires. Some private owners maintain toll roads and charge extremely high tolls hundreds of dollars that maintain safety through patrols by private security.

This is never worked yet. The East Coast This area is probably the best-recovered area in America, and there are areas where road duelling is practically unknown. The book warns us to make sure we have winter driving and survival supplies during those months.

Connecticut: Probably the safest roads in the nation, but it warns that police patrol heavily and have a very low tolerance for violence. Delaware: Mainly notable for the Dover Downs International Speedway, a "dueltrack" which is an experimental format that combines racing and duelling. District of Columbia: The Government Quarters bans all weapons and unauthorized vehicles, the city itself is prosperous but unremarkable otherwise. Maine: Another relatively safe state, mainly due to low traffic.

The guide recommends the "King Horror Haven" in Portland. Maryland: Baltimore residents are known for the "Baltimore Code of Honor" which seems largely to be a variety of reasons to spark duels.

The local sport of "Joustduelling", where vehicles battle across opposing and divided lanes is popular here. New Hampshire: Similar to Connecticut, but it warns that tourist traps are often "havens for pickpockets and confidence men".

New Jersey: Duels are common along with poor road conditions; Newark actually survived the Food Riots by repelling refugees from New York City, and Manhattan has never forgiven Newark as a result.


GURPS Autoduel: Roleplaying in the World of Car Wars

When redrawing this map, you can make it as big as you like! As a result, few companies will have franchises in every marketplace in Admittedly, playing out battles with them was quite unweildy. I enjoy the Fourth Edition rules a lot. Gangs are still widespread, but attacks on local communities start to die down as a constant concern. Not so big on cars shooting at each other, though. That they literally dripped with Denis Loubet artwork was the icing on the cake.


List of GURPS books

It turns out oil dried up in the s, somehow. Well, it seemed inevitable at the time. Meanwhile, Britain falls into a civil war sparked by Ireland, starting the "Irish War". Beirut is nuked by unnamed, faceless terrorists, which creates increased anti-terrorism policies from countries, largely of dubious efficacy. We also get the electric car early, as well as the discovery of crude virtual reality technology. The collapse of gas results in a rise in nuclear and solar power, as well as the refinement of the electric car.

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