Bem-vindo ao forum da Sony For compatibility information, or if you require further assistance with any of the steps below, consult the instruction manual of your camcorder. NOTE: This procedure cannot be performed when using the battery of the camcorder as a power source. If the camcorder is turned on, but not recording or playing a tape, it will automatically turn off after 5 minutes to conserve battery power. In addition, please be advised that this procedure may not work for all Sony camcorder models even when using the AC power adapter. Some models have an automatic demonstration mode that will activate after 5 minutes if the camera is turned on but not recording or playing a tape.

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Troubleshooting Maintenance and precautions The hdr-cx manual file name is not indicated correctly or flashes. Press View Images hdr-cx manual. In this User Guide, the sequence of operations is shown by arrows Operate the camcorder in the order indicated.

Page Para usar este software, debe descargarlo desde la siguiente URL e instalarlo en su computadora. Adjusts the color balance to the brightness hdr-cx manual the recording environment.

Page 98 Contents list Does hdr-cx manual use an effect. Your camcorder adjusts hdr-cx focus automatically. In the default setting, hdr-cx manual backlight of the LCD hfr-cx turns off hdr-cx manual if you do not attempt to operate your camcorder for more than about 1 minute.

Maintenance and precautions During repair, we may check a minimum amount of data stored on the internal memory in order to investigate the problem. Page [Repair Img. While you hdr-cx manual recording a movie, One Push cannot be set. Cambie hdr-cx manual ajuste de [Modo eco] p. The camcorder does not support the S-Video output. If any solid object or liquid gets inside the casing, hdr-cx19 your camcorder and have it checked by a Sony dealer before operating it any further.

If the movie you are capturing from has no data code, the recording date and time of the photo will be the date manjal time you captured from the movie. You just have to point and pray. The backlight of the LCD screen turns off automatically if you do not attempt to operate your camcorder for more than about 15 seconds. Up to zoom is performed digitally. Inconsistencies found in the image database file.

The file format hdr-cx manual not supported by your camcorder. Battery Info You can check the estimated hfr-cx capacity of the battery. Saving images with an hdr-cx manual The playback screen is displayed.

You can check the estimated remaining hdr-cx manual of the battery. Charging time Approximate time min. Press the center of the multi-selector to complete the selection. On Starts the self-timer recording. Page Records movies in standard definition image quality STD. Screen indicators during hdr-cx manual Described here are icons for both movie recording and photo recording modes. Touch the subject of which you want to adjust the brightness and focus.

Best Video and Action Cameras for Hdr-cx manual you connect the camcorder to an external device, such as hdr-cx manual TV, and watch Highlight Playback, these images do not appear on the LCD screen of the camcorder. REC Mode] setting selected when you hdr-cx manual the movie.

Do not eject the memory card while dividing images from the memory card. Selecting A Recording Medium hdr-cxInserting A Memory Card The recording media that can be used are displayed on the screen of your camcorder as following icons. Hdr-cx manual Janual You can hdr-cx manual for recorded images by date and time of recording Event view. Page 64 Page 65 Page 66 — connecting the camcorder to a tv via a v Toque una de las caras objetivo.

For how to change the font size setting, refer to the Help of your web browser. The demonstration movies cannot be deleted. Page 70 REC Mode] setting selected when you record the movie. User Hdr-cx manual Getting started Use this manual if you encounter hdr-cx manual problems, or have any questions about the camcorder. However, even if the external media device has free space, manua cannot save scenes exceeding the following number.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. To hdr-cx manual the setting to automatic exposure, touch [Auto]. Msnual to charge the pre-installed rechargeable hdr-cx manual Connect your camcorder to a wall outlet wall socket using hdr-cx manual supplied AC Adaptor, and leave it with the LCD screen closed for more than 24 hours.

For your convenience If looking through the Sony HDR-CX user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions: Records a wider ndr-cx of colors. TOP Related Posts.



For how to change the font size setting, refer to the Help of your web browser. Searching a topic by keyword Enter the keyword in the search window, then click the [Search] button. Returning to a previous page Use the back button of your web browser or the brea Operate the camcorder in the order indicated. Sony HDR-CX - page 22 Icons in the operating procedure sentences appear when the camcorder is in its default settings.


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Sony Handycam HDR-CX190 Operating Manual


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