Then it asked what Carol did for relaxation and she put down the truth - writing. The third question asked for her hobbies. Read an Excerpt Georgie had known that there was no chance of getting into the exclusive London club. She seemed quite content to stand in the impossible queue, watching the rich and famous stroll in as the doorman kept them behind a thick red rope.

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Last modified April Summary: A beautifully written storythe sheikh romance for readers who hate sheikh romances. Georgie Anderson almost had a one-night stand with her brother-in-law, Prince Ibrahim Zaraq, but she turned him down at the last minute and harsh words were exchanged. A series of events finds them stranded in the desert—the desert that haunts Ibrahim and seduces Georgie. Forget what you know or think of sheikh romances because this is nothing like that.

Despite small misunderstandings and the occasional petulant outburst from each of the protagonists, the conflicts in this story are largely internal and deeply poignant. One of the criticisms I tend to have about category romance is the lack of subtlety in the writing, and I recognise that this is partly a result of the reduced word count. In Heart Of The Desert , Marinelli resists the impulse; for the most part, the story is almost excruciatingly restrained without being obscure.

Try it. Despite her healing, still there were boundaries and unwittingly he had crossed one. He held the morsel to her lips, told her what she should eat, only his black eyes caressed her as they did so, and there was, for the first time in this situation, the absence of fear.

Suffice it to say that the setting felt well-researched and presents the exoticism of the locale while avoiding the tendency to exaggerate its charms. Despite the exotic setting—How many of us have been through a sandstorm? When I expected aggression, he showed controlled passion. I was totally in love with him.

He did not have to repeat it, the word had been ringing in her ears for months now. Every hour. She was sorry. And then he turned away and she could not stand to watch him leave a second time so she took her seat instead. The story does have its weaknesses. Marinelli tries to do too much with this and it feels painfully contrived—a jarring note in an otherwise restrained book; fortunately, it only happens a couple of times.

Even by the end of the book, his emotional crisis has to be unpacked by the reader based on subtle cues. The epilogue, while not unexpected, resolves external conflicts much too conveniently and serves to diminish some of the hard decisions that Ibraham and Georgie have had to make.

Yay or nay? Heart Of The Desert is a beautifully written story—the sheikh romance for readers who hate sheikh romances.


Heart of the Desert

If a reader is looking for a solid character driven romance filled with exotic locales and bittersweet emotions that tug the heart, then Heart of the Desert can deliver that and more. What a complicated romance Ms. Marinelli wove. Not only is there miscommunication but cultural hurdles need to be navigated, old emotional hurts need to be addressed and the past needs to be hauled out into the light in order for the truth to be revealed. It took the weakest member to show what it means to be strong — in heart, in forgiveness and in love. Georgie is a woman growing. I liked her spunk and her love of family.


Heart Of The Desert by Carol Marinelli


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