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Gallery Hioki clamp meters are best in class handheld current and voltage meters for safely and accurately measuring power lines. The CM clamp on power meter can measure voltage, current, power, power factor, phase angle, reactive power or frequency, as well as detect phase sequence on live lines at any desired point of a single-phase circuit or three-phase circuit. One hopes that the product will serve to eliminate the problem of electricity theft. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Model No.

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Incorrect measurement procedures could result in injury or death, as well as damage to the equipment. Please read this manual carefully and be sure that you understand its contents before using the equipment. Page 7 The following symbols in this manual indicate the relative importance of cautions and warnings. Indicates that incorrect operation presents extreme danger of accident DANGER resulting in death or serious injury to the user. Page 8 We define measurement tolerances in terms of rdg. Page 9 Higher-numbered categories correspond to electrical environments with greater momentary energy, so a measurement device designed for CAT III environments can endure greater momentary energy than a device designed for CAT II.

Use of a lower category product in a higher category environment could result in a severe accident and must be carefully avoided. Page Attentions During Use Attentions During Use Follow these precautions to ensure safe operation and to obtain the full benefits of the various functions. To prevent short-circuiting and electric shock, observe the following precautions: Do not short-circuit the two wires of a line with the clip of the voltage cord.

Keep the cables well away from heat sources, as bare conductors could be exposed if the insulation melts. If the protective functions of the product are damaged, either remove it from service or mark it clearly so that others do not use it inadvertently. Page 13 Before using the product the first time, verify that it operates normally to ensure that the no damage occurred during storage or shipping.

This product is designed for indoor use, and operates reliably from 0 to Page 14 Using the product in such conditions could cause an electric shock. Accurate measurement may be impossible in the presence of strong magnetic fields, such as near Chapter 2 Measurement Procedure Explains how to use the for measurement. Chapter At any desired point of a single-phase circuit or three-phase circuit, this unit enables the measurement of voltage, current, Page Features 1.

Display of true rms values The true rms value conversion circuit allows accurate measurement of currents with distorted waveforms. Enables power measurement When both current and voltage are input simultaneously, the power factor, phase angle, reactive factor, as well as power can be measured, and phase detected.

Page Parts And Functions 1. Pressing this key in voltage display mode resets the peak-hold value. Enables the setting of a voltage range in range setup mode. Lowers the order in harmonic display mode.


HiOKi 3280-20

Their compact size, low-profile design, and resistance to both rough handling and extreme temperatures make them essential tools for any electrician. Observe the difference between readings from these two types of instruments when measuring a distorted waveform that contains harmonic components such as those produced by inverters and switching power supplies. A pocket clamp meter that can use flexible sensors When connected to an optional flexible current sensor, the F can be used to measure the current flowing in pairs of wires or in tangled or complexly routed wires around which it was not possible to apply a clamp-on sensor in the past. Essential for electrical work: A thin card tester that fits in the pocket with all the capabilities of a clamp meter The F delivers all the functionality of a clamp meter and card tester in the form factor of the latter.




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