Badal But worth it in the end. Normal punctuation would have been nice too I am not good at doing reviews. The prose jachhym wide-ranging and intricate, artistically ambitious and nonconformist. It got easier later. In the end, I was very glad to put this one down.

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Catbird Press does great service to bring it to anglophone readers. He became even more famous for writing the book that has most successfully and imaginatively captured the dislocation brought about by the fall of communism: City Sister Silver. Always surprising and fast-paced, City, Sister, Silver is at once satirical and romantic, wild and controlled. The novel is full of storytelling, myths, dreams and nightmares, shifting through a variety of genres.

It is a novel for readers who want an unforgettable reading experience. What makes City Sister Silver so special is its language, its energy, and its ability to creatively capture the feelings that accompanied the opening up of Central and Eastern Europe in the 90s. It is a truly breathtaking book. As one Czech critic wrote, "City Sister Silver tells me more about the epoch than many of the books that try so hard to articulate and explain the burning ideas of the day. Payment is via Pay Pal our Pay Pal e-mail address is catbird pipeline.

Include a note in your payment, such as "Please send a format name of City Sister Silver to your e-mail address " or send a separate e-mail to info catbirdpress.

To read the first chapter of City Sister Silver, click here. Alex Zucker lived in Prague for several years, translating and copy editing. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. If you would like to read the entire novel as it originally appeared in Czech, you can read, download, or print out the deleted text by clicking here. Louis Magazine Like most newly free societies, City Sister Silver is at once violent, confused, and limitless in possibility — and like most revolutions, it is nearly impossible to quit once begun.

It achieves a level of horrific lyricism reminiscent of the ravings of a minor, denunciatory Old Testament prophet. Weaving through the story is the motif of love. The amorous tension is evident from the first sentences, and following how that yearning escalates, emerging and working its way into clarity, is one of the greatest experiences of reading this book.

In reconstituting this atomized world, the author ignores conventional boundaries to summon up all the diverse powers of language. Its detailed view of reality does not lead to a political or moral indictment of the way things are or of those who fell from power.

Instead, he has created an alternative world, an aesthetic space. City Sister Silver tells me more about the epoch than many of the books that try so hard to articulate and explain the burning ideas of the day. The prose is wide-ranging and intricate, artistically ambitious and nonconformist. City Sister Silver offers an opportunity to examine both our language and the values of our society. It is ominously prophetic, one might say scandalous, and last but not least it is a good-natured spit into the somewhat cold soup of contemporary Czech prose.

That is what makes City Sister Silver also a great novel about love, and some of the passages on this theme rank among the most penetrating and poetic ever written in Czech literature. The plot lines are so complex and interwoven that it makes no sense to summarize them; for that matter, the most important element of this novel is not the plot but the colorful and ever-changing way in which Topol articulates the feelings of the young generation by which I mean not only the content, but also the language and the imagery.

Topol combines various literary approaches in an original fashion. He is familiar with postmodern approaches, but he is also not afraid to voice stinging condemnations of racism, mafias, the parasitism of "Eurojournalists," and the new post-revolution conformism.

He alternates plot-rich passages with dreamy fantasy, lyrical images with images and scenes in which he is clearly trying to evoke the atmosphere of a contemporary myth.


City Sister Silver



Jáchym Topol



Sestra (román)


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