The driver boasts a dual neodymium magnet and dual voice coil motor that efficiently delivers high output from a lightweight woofer. Meanwhile, the HF amplifier delivers watts of power to a 1. A full line of Accessories including brackets and bags is also now available. Amplification, mixing, and monitoring for electronic musical instruments. Features: The second generation of one of the most successful and influential professional speaker systems ever.

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Sound: Fantastic tone from a self contained speaker. High output on the P. Even with a dance music band. I often use just one of these as my keyboard amp when space is tight. It sets on the floor like a wedge. It has three input channels and an XLR output to send the signal to another cabinet when used in the P. The tone quality as a keyboard amp is unmatched.

I wish I had two more! Feature: It would be nice if it designed for better protected during transportation with out use of the over priced "bag" that is an optional accessory. A snap on front would be nice. Plug and play with no amp racks to strain around. Value: I think they are selling a couple hundred dollars each higher than I would like to pay, but hey welcome to Earth.

Manufacturer Support: I picked mine up used. I had to replace a power amp board and high compression diaphram in one of them before use. Smooth service. The Wow Factor: I hated dragging heavy amp racks. This is the solution for fast set up, a perfectly matched amplifier to the speaker.

Best of all, it really sounds great. Placed on stands on four corners of the dance floor, this speaker is a Disc Jockey dream come true. I want another set for my band P. Every so often I sell my P. A, and up date. The only part of the old P. I have kept is this set of speakers. Overall: If you are looking for great sound in a small package that is fast to set up, this is it.

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JBL EON15 G2 Bi-Amped Speaker 400W



Rating and Reviews: JBL EON 15 G2 PA Speaker


CR ISO 15608 PDF

JBL EON 15G2 Power Amplifier Assembly 339555-001


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