I owe this knowledge to my grandfather who taught me that intuition, observation and experience are the key to many things in nature, things that cannot necessarily be explained scientifically. I clearly remember my first lecture in I had been warned to expect heckling, but my inner conviction and the support of my friends were such that I did not care how many people would make fun of me. For me only one thing was important: If I could spark just one persons interest then this ancient knowledge would be kept alive; knowledge In the early eighties people started asking me to pass on knowledge that had been instilled in me since earliest childhood, namely, the knowledge of moon rhythms and their influence on all living things on earth.

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Our mission remains the same: Revive a timeless knowledge of how to nurture and heal — not only a human being but also garden, pasture, and forest. We want to do our part in bringing back and enhancing beauty in man and nature. When she met her husband, author Thomas Poppe, the two decided to join forces with one goal in mind: to keep alive and share this powerful ancient wisdom.

With 11 books by now, more than 16 million copies sold, translated into 26 languages, they have already touched countless lives worldwide. Johanna says, "In the early s people began asking me to pass on knowledge that had been with me since early childhood. I owe this wisdom to my grandfather who taught me that through intuition, observation, and experience, we can all live in harmony with nature. This wisdom can provide as much help for us today as it did in my childhood, offering a tool to help us take charge of our lives and assume responsibility for it in all its facets and colors.

Used carefully, wisely, and with respect, this knowledge will help you discover a new, friendlier world. I share this knowledge with the hope that it will be used to improve all of our lives. For years therefore Thomas Poppe practiced the knowledge in his everyday life as a big-city dweller. One example of many: After the publication of this book in Germany the number of farmers switching from industrial to organic rose tenfold in the space of eight years.

Leaving a large audience and devoted international fan-base in Europe, their new life is full of exciting challenges as they find new perspective and opportunities for their work in the United States. A mail order company geared towards providing high quality and unique cosmetics and products created in accordance with ancient recipes and timing guidelines and with respect for our planet.


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