If you save the graph, a copy of the data window is saved with the plot in the same file. The process of opening a saved plot and extracting the data is covered in Section 2. Locate and open the Data folder, which is located in the Examples folder. Double-click the Housing Starts file. The Variable Selection dialog is displayed. Select Month as the X variable and K as the Y variable by clicking the appropriate buttons.

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Buy now KaleidaGraph and OS A bit version is under development, but it is too early to provide a release date. Once we get closer to beta testing, an email will be sent out to registered users. If you must use OS If you have access to a Windows computer, the Windows version can open your existing Mac files.

A letter from the president The company that evolved into Synergy Software began in on the wild frontier of the computer industry, and I, fortunately, was there to watch. Our business actually started as peripherals, computers and supplies, slightly ahead of the whirlwind in computer software. We were quickly drawn into the vortex and changed our name to Synergy Software.

That choice of names always reflected our gratitude for the internal synergy of our talents, but also our thanks for the interest and input from our users.

We have always really enjoyed opportunities to talk to our customers about what they do and how we can help. We are very proud of the important work that we assist. Whether you found us, or we found you, we are eternally grateful for your contributions to our products, and for your continued support. Our Customers Governmental regulator uses KaleidaGraph to monitor water quality in Washington --more KaleidaGraph helps researchers discover a key pheromone in honeybees - essential for U.

It produces publication-quality graphs, and easily converts the most complex data into a functional display. Contact Us.


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Reseller Login An Overview of KaleidaGraph KaleidaGraph is a thoughtfully designed graphing and data analysis application for research scientists, as well as for those in business and engineering fields. It produces publication-quality graphs, and easily converts the most complex data into a functional display. KaleidaGraph allows the user to import, manipulate, and analyze data, as well as create customized plots. Statistics, linear and nonlinear curve fitting, and the ability to produce precise graphic visualization of data all make KaleidaGraph powerful and flexible. Flexible Data Entry When KaleidaGraph is first launched, the user is presented with a data window and formula entry window. Each data window supports a maximum of columns and 1 million rows.


Telkis For simple equations, such as polynomials, this will not be necessary but never hurts. It would be even better if we could put the residuals on the same graph as the fitted curve. David Payne Level 3 Expert Answers. This is like specifying the range as part of the plot command, but the settings will stick around until they are overridden, and we can specify a y-range without an x-range. Popular Products Synergy KaleidaGraph 3. All the data sets you use in gnuplot should be typed into a text file first.

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