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Dutilar Country Data Global Slavery Index Any awareness campaign implemented by the government that provides detailed information on how to avoid the risks of modern slavery AND has run at least once since 30 June NOT family reunification program exists but is not currently funded. Victims have been arrested for crimes committed while under the control of the ,ey exploiting them AND this has occurred 1 February and 30 June B a change in the residence of the registrant, in accordance with subsections bcand d. NOT civil society conducts research without government involvement. The government funds or has actively involved in prevalence or estimation studies of modern slavery.

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Kegul There is evidence that government interventions or programs are based on strategies or theories of change identified by research AND this has occurred since 30 June Lwy specifies that children require special services during the court case and NOT there is any evidence of child friendly services being used in court.

Has to be a specialised law enforcement unit or a sub-unit or team within the law enforcement structure that has specialised mandate to conduct investigations into modern slavery, OR provide specialist support for colleagues AND this unit is operating since 30 June Covering the entire population refers to the percentage of people who are registered. Children must also be able to leave when they wish but should be accompanied by a chaperone.

Researcher Notes Lry met- the government partially fund shelter programs even if it is reported as being limited for men and still not adequate to provide full care. Investment funds and banks headquartered in the country MUST report on modern slavery risk in investments AND reporting must occur at least every two years. Researcher Notes Indicator not met- no information available on government reports on actions to prevent the use of forced labour in public procurement. Corruption includes, at a minimum, bribery of officials.

Researcher Notes Indicator met — there are specialised anti human trafficking police units. Researcher Notes Indicator not — no information found. NOT there is evidence or a general statement that victims participate in the criminal justice process as witnesses. Can include instances where victims are detained for a breach of visa conditions OR instances where foreign victims are deported to countries of origin without access to assistance.

Support defined as in-kind or monetary support not just permission. Researcher Notes Indicator met — training for law enforcement personnel has occurred on anti-human trafficking issues since 30th June Researcher Notes Indicator not met- evidence of victims not considered criminally responsible for acts committed during enslavement but no legal regulation.

FSP PDF Affordable health care includes the presence of state health care schemes, community health schemes, or financial assistance focused on lley access to health care for vulnerable groups.

Researcher Notes Indicator not met- research has been conducted which looks at the attitude of the public on sustainable public procurement including labour conditionsbut no evidence of any resulting initiatives specific to modern slavery. This does NOT refer to judicial sentences, rather to the punishments outlined in legislation.

NOT booklets with description of modern slavery laws have been handed out to prosecutors. This occurred between 1 February and 30 June NOT visas are available for victims — this is covered under Milestone 1, 3. C as provided under paragraph No further SOPs found for police units. Researcher Notes Indicator met-corruption is criminalised by Articles,bis and of the Penal Code Law NOT the activities are costed, but it is unclear where this money is coming from OR there are reports of significant gaps in funding that are not plugged by IOs, NGOs or other agencies.

Government support is defined as development of the asylum seeker system, participation in the system, or monetary or in-kind support. Training covers indicators of modern slavery and how to refer individuals AND training is formal face-to-face or online modules AND training is provided to one or more of the following: Slavery is as a distinct crime.

Forced or compulsory labour means all work or service which is exacted from any person under the menace of any penalty and for which the said person has not offered himself or herself voluntarily. If witness protection mechanisms exist in practice but there is no evidence of their existence in legislation, please rate as indicator met.

If yes to 3. Researcher Notes Indicator not met- there is evidence anti-trafficking specialised units are using the government guidelines. Ratification or succession denoted by a d in brackets or accession denoted by an a in brackets of the Key Convention. Relevant national laws include criminal procedure code or criminal law sentencing acts.

Government Response Researcher Notes Indicator not met- unclear if labour agreements include protections for migrant workers. Researcher Notes Indicator met- direct victim assistance services are evaluated through the National Action Plan. Lfy a single hotline exists where women or children can report, but nowhere for men to report exploitation. If no to 2. Country Data Global Slavery Index Directors can be charged and prosecuted for slavery in first tier supply chains where it can be shown that due diligence has not occurred.

Support defined as permission, development of the training, or monetary or in-kind support. Excludes compulsory military service, work which forms part of normal civil obligations of the citizen, or work performed in cases of emergency such as war, fire, famine or flood.

NOT legal services are available, but not free. Excludes consular staff covered by Milestone 4, indicator 1. NOT instances of these abuses are reported, but the government is taking action against these.

Researcher Notes Indicator met — the government penalized child trafficking victims for unlawful acts committed as a lsy result of being subjected to trafficking. Researcher Notes Indicator not met- government provided training every year in andbut unclear on content of training. Researcher Notes Indicator met- The website is an open, clear and accessible way of raising awareness on the existence and fight against human trafficking and has been promoted through flyers and youtube etc.

Institutionalised means that these practices are part of government policy, or that these patterns of abuse are systematic, and the government is taking little if any action to address this.

Researcher Notes Indicator met — physical and mental health services available to victims. Victims have been arrested for crimes committed while under the control of the person exploiting them AND this has occurred between 1 February and 30 June Most Related.


LEY 20507 PDF

Meztigami There must be explicit mention of modern slavery NOT investment funds or banks have corporate social responsibility policies that require them to report on human rights UNLESS modern slavery forms part of this reporting. Children must also be able to leave when they wish but should be accompanied by a chaperone. Examples would be victims have been arrested on prostitution charges or arrested for drug production. Country Data Global Slavery Index B If State law permits the registrant to vote in the current election upon oral or written affirmation by the registrant of the new address at a polling place described in subparagraph A i or A ii IIvoting at the other locations described in subparagraph A need not be provided as ely.


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Kigale NOT booklets with indicators of trafficking have been handed out to embassy staff. Please refer to legislation, not to instances of combating corruption. If policy is le place, there MUST be evidence that this has occurred since 30 June OR if the policy has just been adopted, it is enough that reporting is stipulated as part of regulating compliance. Researcher Notes Indicator met — shelters are operational.


Researcher Notes Indicator not met- training is inadequate for members of the judiciary. NOT evidence of general corruption of law enforcement. Country Data Global Slavery Index These campaigns can include domestic violence, forced marriage, child marriage, the worst forms leg child labour, child soldiers, and risky migration practices. Researcher Notes Indicator met — Training has been provided for prosecutors. MUST refer to more than one report of complicity within the reporting period AND no steps have been taken to investigate these reports. NOT free legal services are available for certain types of crime such as violent crime and modern slavery is not specified. NOT domestic leey are not explicitly mentioned in legislation.

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