Precio y tiraje уptimo de libros Si descontamos el prуlogo de la obra Al lector impenitente , 1 pбgina escasa, resulta que de los 11 "capнtulos" restantes, 6 habнan sido publicados hace ya catorce aсos. Esto es una forma convencional de contar, dado que lo que hemos llamado "capнtulos" son en realidad artнculos, con toda probabilidad se hace menciуn a este gйnero periodнstico en algunos de ellos , publicados con anterioridad, es decir, anteriores a Demasiados ensayos para un ensayo, podrнamos decir. Sin embargo, la cosa no termina ahн y nos muestra un divertido ejemplo de lo que podrнamos llamar "intertextualidad recurrente aguda". La contraportada del libro de Anagrama seсala: "Una selecciуn de sus ensayos, en La feria del progreso Taurus, Madrid, El Colegio Nacional prepara en Mйxico la compilaciуn de sus obras, en cinco volъmenes".

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Shelves: r-nf-bibliomemoir , bibliophilia A small but useful book on writing and publishing. I once conversed with a young woman at my school who changed her major--but not her career hopes for being a novelist--because the English major required too much reading.

A small but useful book on writing and publishing. I concur. The miracle of the reader finding the right book at the right time keeps happening. So Many Books led me to reflect a bit on my reading habits over the past few years. Most of this was a conscious decision on my part to read more, motivated by my realization that my whole life was more enjoyable when I read consistently.

Part of it was a wholehearted acceptance of ebooks, audiobooks, and print books alike, to maximize the ways I could get and read books. Part of it was increasing my use of Goodreads, which informed me of great books and exponentially increased my inter-library loan requests. Of my my top twelve books of , seven of them first came to my attention through Goodreads. With all this reading, my attitude toward writing has changed. Being a published writer, while on the realm of my imaginative horizons, has never been a heart-held goal of mine.

Yet, writing a full manuscript and publishing it seems more possible to me than it did in the past. Reading so much, and so widely, has developed my taste, my critical skill, my editing eye. Since I expend all my wordy energy on academia these days long gone are the halcyon days of creative writing for class! But my taste has improved. Unsure if I can live up to my own standards, will revisit once this thesis is done and defended.

Discipline is good in the service of desire, not in place of desire. Without desire, there is no living culture. He is advised to read the great novelists, but in the originals. He becomes enamored of Dostoyevsky, and twenty years later, instead of a novelist, he has become a translator from the Russian. Love books, love reading. Though trite and rambling and repetitive in places despite being quite short the topics of reading, writing and publishing are explored with some fascinating conclusions.

Serious book nut? Give it a look.







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