Play control buttons Previous: Skips to previous song. If a song is playing, pressing this button will pause the song. Next: Skips to next song. Stop: Stops the song. Volume slider: Adjusts volume.

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Bat- tery charge is probably low at time of purchase. The first time you use XOG you should connect it to power. Protective rubber covers are pulled Registering XOG When you connect XOG to a computer the first time, you can register the unit at the on-line MapSelect store in order to purchase and download additional maps. Page 5 Lowrance online map store. Click on this link to access the MapSelect store and registration site. More information about the MapSelect store can be found on-line using the Help function.

Page 6 Map button displays your current position on a moving map, including information on your current route. Music button lets you to choose the audio play list, ad- just volume and set various music play controls. Options button has three pages with settings that con- trol operations and provide additional information.

Page 7: Mounting Instructions 4. To dismount XOG, push the release tab at top of unit up slightly. Then, lift the unit forward and out of the bracket. To attach unit, engage bottom edge to bottom of mount.

This requires a clear view of the sky, unob- structed by structures or heavy foliage. Page 9: Map Page When you begin a trip, make sure XOG can "see" the sky and wait for it to determine a position before you start driving or walking.

A question mark flashes over the current position arrow to indicate the unit has not calculated its position. Page 10 Use the Speak button to control the volume level of spoken, turn-by- turn instructions.

A black arrow icon represents your position on-screen. The arrow always points in the direction you are traveling. Page Navigation Instructions Zoom Out to show less detail but a larger area. Navigation Instructions XOG is designed to generate a route from your current position to a se- lected destination.

If you miss a turn or are forced to detour, it auto- matically generates a new route based on your new position. Page Location Information Button The Directions list left shows every turn you will make while navi- gating to a destination.

The Turn Preview screen right will show you a map view of the turn. A preview like this automatically appears whenever you are close to a turn. Location Information button The Location Information button is shown at right. Page 13 The most common navigation method is to look up a destination with the Find feature, then use the Go To command to direct you there. The XOG manual discusses these functions in more detail, but here is an outline of how they work: command.

Page Switch Between Navigation Modes 3. XOG displays a list of the items nearest to you. Select the item and from its information screen you can go to it, find it on the map or add it to the Address Book.

Page 15 and performs traditional straight-line or point-to-point navigation in off-road situations. Options Page 1, left, and Navigation Mode screen, right.

Turn-by-Turn car image is selected as the default setting. Choose Point-to-Point A to B image and a warning message appears asking if you are sure you want to change modes. Page 16 Lowrance Pub.


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