What will it take for us to stop living dreary lives? What will it take for us to fill the deep ache and longing we all have for that elusive "something more"? In a courageous departure from the traditional twelve-step views of spirituality, Lynn takes our hungry souls on a life-changing journey to the kingdom within, laying out a path of startling new concepts to reconnect us with our own divinity. Grabhorn was the first to reveal that the power of feelings is what unconsciously shapes and molds every moment of every day. In this ground-breaking book, she reveals how paying attention to feelings - rather than positive thinking, or sweat and strain, or good or bad luck, or even smarts - is the way to change your life, make dreams come true, and create the kind of life you really want to live.

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How about your moods? Is everybody a little nuts? More power to you. Ninety-nine percent of the folks on this planet would call you weird! Feeling good is not the norm now, and for most people, it never will be again.

This is a book about Light and dark, and you and me and several billion other folks. So, is this really a self-help book? Well, sort of, kind of, maybe, but not exactly! But the ugly times we went through then never had the hard-hitting blow-by-blow media coverage we have today which so readily fuels the fires of our own personal anxieties.

Granted, we may not be entangled in things like wide-spread starvation, or women beatings, or mutilations by terrorists, but in truth, how are the lives of most of us running right now? So now comes the twenty-four-billion-dollar question: "Why?

Why are we, in every corner and every nook and cranny of this world, all so terribly troubled and uneasy? This is a book about a few simple things we can do—just once—to drastically change and safeguard our lives. Unfortunately, those few simple things will have to wait to unfold until close to the end of the book, because if I put them right up front, you would absolutely know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that I had flipped out, lost it, cracked up, or become psychotic.

This is a book about the so-called Light and dark of our universe, and what we can do to distance ourselves from the influence of the latter, which is far more powerful in our lives than any of us have ever realized. Granted, there may be precious few who will believe what they find in these pages, calling what they read nothing but a frivolous collection of fairy tales.

But for those precious few who take this to heart, not only will their lives change dramatically for the better that would be putting it mildly , they will make a significant difference to this planet. If you are one of those precious few, then blessings unto you a million fold. The Last Stand It goes without saying that a book needs to have a healthy number of pages in order for a publisher to charge a price that will, after everyone takes their cut, still make him a decent profit.

But I decided not to "pad" the information I want to impart. Small in page numbers or not, this book will be made of pure meat, not fill. But now our so-called troubled times are huge. This is the last stand, and time is of the essence. Those who are not of the Light are winning this round, thanks to all of the clever manipulations to which most of us have turned deaf ears, blind eyes, and indifferent senses.

How many self-help books have you bought lately? And how many have you wanted to toss out before getting very far, or at least wished the author had given you some more clearly defined silver bullets?

Their funds are beginning to increase, most of their despair is gone, along with their anxiety or even boredom. For some, relationships have even shaped up. But perhaps most important of all, their bizarre physical discomforts are gone, and that unknown, elusive little thing called "joy" is starting to wave them in the face for the first time in a long, long time, or ever.

You can do them in bed or in your car, with your friends or on the bus, with your spouse or by yourself, with candles glowing and incense burning or walking on the beach in quiet, contemplative moments. With them, you change your life. With them, you change the direction of this world. Yes, you could turn to the back of this book right now to find out what these steps are. If you want to do that, go ahead. But do NOT You need the background before diving in, or the simple steps that are being offered will be about as effective as trying to climb Mt.

Everest on skis. So if you must peek, go ahead, but then come on back and fill in the background that is vital. On a scale of one to ten, with ten being disgustingly happy and one being ready to take the permanent sleeping pills, where are you?

Perhaps that itch is your job, or your house, or funds granted, that may not be such a small itch , or even your partner.

So where are you on the scale? Like maybe a five? Or even a six? Or maybe you really are one of those unheard of souls who are, in honest-to-God truth, full of vim and vigor, bursting with enthusiasm, alive with passion, and in love with life.

Like a nine pushing ten. These steps are for everybody, whether at zero and about to gobble down some cyanide, or at nine to ten and positively drooling in wellbeing. I never used to be like this, or feel like this! But if it has, how bad has it gotten for you physically or emotionally?

Are you dragging your rear, feeling short-tempered, exhausted, tearful, pessimistic, defeated, or plain old fed up? But you can. I promise you, you can. If you have rapidly swinging moods along with rapidly changing physical ups and downs, you very possibly may have a type of diabetes. This is the avenue of the Changing of the Guard, the secret weapon for all of us who are embodied as humans. All of us.

But take care, here. These steps, alone, will not cure illness, nor will they plunk into your hands the winning Super Lotto ticket. What these steps will do is: 1. So please!

This is a dual-pronged do-it-yourself process. All I ask is that you get checked out first, however you choose. Well, the What, When, Where, and Whys of our story are fairly complex, but the Who of those that are being affected—or may be affected—with this baffling, debilitating phenomenon that people are going through or will be going through, and that are emanating from the wars in the heavens, is fairly simple.

Everyone qualifies. The Big Prize: Us! The war between Light and dark in the heavens is as old as this universe. And by "universe," I mean everything we can see and not see in all dimensions, all realities, and, if you want to get really far out, in all time frames, past, present, or future.

Once the human started to evolve, it became clear to those who were watching that something very special was starting to happen with this species that had never been seen in the universe before. The human being, in its third dimension, was fast becoming a highly desirous and heavily sought after creature, for, unlike anything that had ever been seen before, all of the secrets of Life, all of the secrets of beingness if there is such a word , and all of the secrets of existence were present within each and every body.

Damn fine prize for those who were treasure seekers. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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