I do know it was taken off the market on June 24, Those were not available when I purchased the product so my review does not include those. Before it was taken off the market, there was a campaign about how you needed to buy it now before it was gone forever. I thought they should have been more honest and said it was being taken down in order to add the additional items. Imagine how annoyed the people who bought the product believing it was their last opportunity to get it must have felt when they saw an "improved" version only a few short weeks later.

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Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. OK Follow to get new release updates and improved recommendations About John Harricharan Outstanding businessman, lecturer and award-winning author, John Harricharan, is a unique blend of East and West.

A naturalized U. Yet, with his professional background, he also exhibits a rare sensitivity and charismatic delivery which have earned him well deserved respect and acclaim. However, he was to know failure as well as success. The events that led to both are incorporated in his lectures and are chronicled in his books, which, rather than being stories of loss and sadness are, instead, inspiring tales of courage, strength and the dignity of the human spirit.

His transformational message stems from his challenging personal growth experiences. As Harricharan says, "I know what it feels like to have my car repossessed, to watch my wife die of cancer when she was only in her thirties, to lose all earthly possessions and start again from ground zero. Not only does John share his personal tragedies; he shares the extraordinary tools he uses to overcome his challenges. He meets his audience filled with energy and enthusiasm.

His approach is inspirational and motivational, contagiously so and always, always memorable. Deepak Chopra, best-selling author and speaker, refers to Harricharan as, "A skilled and eloquent guide. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, renowned psychiatrist and bestselling author said, "John Harricharan brilliantly inspires you, motivates you and teaches you.

His books have been published by Berkley Books, HarperCollins and others. Others were to follow, but he does not only write books. He also teaches aspiring authors how to write, publish and promote their own books and quite a number of authors owe their successes to his coaching and consulting programs. Just as a side note, he almost failed his only creative writing class in college, obtaining a grade of "D".

He started his career with Fortune corporations and worked his way into upper level executive positions. His corporate expertise encompasses areas as varied as Production Management, Research and Development and Marketing. He then proceeded, by blending his knowledge of the corporate world with his entrepreneurial talents, to build an extremely successful business with offices in the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and India.

He finally switched from managing his companies into what he really loves to do. So now he travels extensively, speaking at seminars and consulting for corporations, organizations and a private clientele worldwide.

His extensive experience coupled with his knowledge of multi-cultural inter-relationships afford him the ability to relate to diverse cultures with respect and integrity.


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Money, Health Or Relationships. Your life will transform John Harricharan and The Power Pause have touched and impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people from around the world in such a way that few are able. John Harricharan is not only a best selling author but a mentor, spiritual advisor, and someone that appears to be able to tap into his connection with divine help and guidance effortlessly at will. Based on the profound and obviously inspired wisdom shared within the pages of The Power Pause, John has no doubt tapped into wisdom and knowledge that is beyond this world and clearly articulates the 3 simple to implement steps automatically forming the circumstances required to begin "attracting" whatever desires you may have, transforming them with amazing simplicity into a very real part of your life experience. So many today in our world have been taught and are led to believe that success in any area of life is due to the external actions taken, not fully exploring or understanding that all things in the physical realm originate from the unseen or spiritual. The Power Pause provides the reader with the step by step formula for letting go of the undesirable events, conditions and circumstances which "appear" to be real in their lives and effectively replacing them with the thoughts, feelings and emotions that will draw desired results to them whether it be in the area of money, health or relationships. The Power Pause provides the reader with an incredible and deep look into the unfailing ways of bringing desired results into the lives of those who may at times struggle and sheds a light onto the many times misunderstood means to do so.


John Harricharan : The Power Pause




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