Projects End-To-End design build services without borders Ronstan Tensile Architecture has contributed to tensile architecture projects all over the world, including home interiors, greening, structural bracing, bridges, art installations, catenary lighting, and more. Our experience as complete solutions providers has made us a leader in the field. No matter what your tensile architectural vision, application, or location, the critical path to completion is made straighter and smoother by partnering with Ronstan Tensile Architecture. See our stunning projects Products Ronstan Tensile Architecture products have evolved to fit the requirements of the most complex tensile architecture projects all over the world.

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Whether our scope involves the simple supply of cables or components, or we are assisting you with full design and construction, our staff will deliver our support with equal passion; one founded deep within the excitement and challenge of leading our industry, of our long history of success and of a simple love of cables and what cables can do.

Let us help you bring your most exuberant green cable concepts to life. Open the catalog to page 5 Benefits of greening The benefits of encouraging plant growth in an environment are many and varied.

With density threatening urban environments, and space at a premium, real, buildable trellising solutions are required to unlock the green benefits we all know await. Reducing Thermal Gain During the summer months, plants act as sunshades shielding building facades from the harsh effects of the sun.

In the winter months, they provide a further layer of insulation on the facade preventing heat loss. Vertical gardens help minimise the mechanical costs of cooling and heating, and aid in the Open the catalog to page 6 Designing green facades and trellises 1.

Defining the purpose? Designing a successful green wall or cable trellis comes down to planning, and the careful consideration of the function and purpose the structure is to serve. Is the objective of the wall to provide visual screening or to achieve a reduction in thermal gain?

Is attracting wildlife important? Different plants and trellis systems achieve different results in terms of plant growth and benefits. For example, choosing deciduous plants provides good shading and control of thermal gain, but may not provide the desired lush visual Open the catalog to page 7 Designing green facades and trellises 4. Plant Selection Climbing Habit A. Self Clinging Self clinging plants can attach themselves to relatively smooth surfaces and because of this, they do not require any trellis to support their growth; however, they are notorious for causing damage to building facades as their roots can grow into small cracks in the surface.

Ivy, Trumpet Vine B. Tendril Climbers The tendrils are specialised stem, leaf or petiole with a threadlike shape that is used by the plants for support and attachment. Unlike vines, they impart less load on to the mating Open the catalog to page 8 Designing green facades and trellises 5.

Access Access to the green wall or trellis should be considered for both the initial installation as well as for regular general maintenance. A failure to consider the cost of appropriate access and labour to facilitate maintenance can lead to neglect and a less than satisfactory coverage. Mating Structure and Loads It is important to ensure that whatever you are attaching the trellis structure to can support the loads which the trellis system will impose.

They will hide low fences, pergolas or walls that they grow over. They are hardy and fast growing, like full sun, plenty of moisture but a well-drained soil.


Ronstan Industrial

Contact Us Cable Trellis Systems Faced with the challenge of increased urban density, the intelligent use of cables provides essential structure for vertical landscapes at a fraction of the cost of living green walls. The Ronstan Cable Trellis Catalogue will sit well on any coffee table and is packed full of inspirational green walls and arbour ideas as well as technical advice. The range of cable systems detailed has been developed with one function in mind — to deliver simple cable systems that provide the necessary structure for vertical climbing plants. As pioneers in cables for greening, Ronstan has detailed its most popular cable systems. When combined with correct plant selection, and used in the right aspect and site orientation, they can be applied as modules to suit any wall or facade.


End-To-End design build services without borders

Ronstan Tensile Architecture expand architectural potential far beyond the constraints of traditional building techniques with the use of modern engineering design and incredibly strong and lightweight structural members. Each offering a uniquely modern appearance that is sure to be noticed. Ronstan manufacture high-quality components for architectural rigging, structural rod systems, structural cable systems, balustrade and railing systems, landscape and greening systems, and more. Ronstan also offers complete solutions for Tensile Architecture projects, covering all stages from design, through project management, to installation.

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