This facility is used in power systems with possible intermittent faults. Inspections Upon Receipt Page 5 Preface Safety Information This manual does not constitute a complete index of all required safety measures for operation of the equip- ment module, deviceas special operational conditions may require additional measures. It must be coordinated with the time grading of the network. Protection devices, combination devices, bay control- lers.

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Page 89 Functions 2. The same applies to 79 AR inst. Electrical Tests Technical Data 4. Busbar Tripping For testing the distribution of the trip commands in the substation in the case of breaker failures it is important to check that the trip commands to the adjacent circuit breakers is correct.

If only two phase-to-phase voltages were measured, it would not be possible to evaluate two of the required criteria. Negative Sequence Protection Distance protection relay for all voltage levels pages. It allows all tasks to be processed digitally, from the acquisition of measured quantities to sending com- mands to circuit breakers. Products for Substation Automation go. The user can create up to 20 flexible protection functions.

Before a release is granted, the following conditions are checked: The user is also allowed to generate user-defined messages. Page Glossary Protection majual All devices with a protective function and no control display. The 7SJ64 relay comprises 4 syn- chronization function groups SYNC function group 1 to 4 which each contain all setting parameters for one synchronizer. Motor Restart Inhibit 66 Functions 2. Description Of Inrush Restraint They are shown in the following figures.

Negative Sequence Protection toc An incoming inrush will reset a running dropout delay time. Overcurrent Protection 50, 50n, 51, 51n Make sure that terminal continuity is not wrongly simulated kanual reverse direction via current transformers or their short-circuiters. High-set current elements and overcurrent element always 7sj6 with a definite tripping time, the third element TOC operates with an inverse tripping time. Page — A. Page Glossary Object properties Each object has properties.

Inactive A active 67 Direct. Relays Siemens 7SR21 Manual 71 pages. To do so, the dialog box Hardware Test must be opened again to view the physical state of the binary 7su As an isolated or 7j62 system remains operational with a single-phase ground fault, this protection serves the purpose of detecting double ground faults with high ground fault currents. Motor and Generator Protection go. Intermittent Ground Fault Protection Functions 2.

Connection diagrams indicating the terminal connections of the models of this device msnual included. Warning of dangerous voltages when operating an electrical device Non-observance of the following measures can result in death, personal injury or substantial property damage. Setting Enabled considers the three phase currents for total current monitoring.

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Siemens SIPROTEC 7SJ600 Manuals & User Guides

Aradal Mounting Manusl Commissioning Mounting and Commissioning This chapter is intended for experienced commissioning staff. As this power only appears during ground faults for a short period of time, the rated power can be smaller by approx. Motor with the following data: According to the example, approximately trips can yet be carried out at a tripping current of 10 kA. Power System Data 1 Functions 2. Panel Flush Mounting Mounting and Commissioning 3. Trouble-free and safe use of this device depends on proper transport, storage, installation, and assembly of the device according to the warnings in this device manual. The blocking results in a current jump in the phases.



Motor and Generator Protection go. The following must be observed: Each phase and ground current is compared separately with the setting value or 50N-1 for each element. Page 44 Functions 2. Parameter Names Designators of configuration or function parameters which may appear word-for-word in the display of the device or on the screen of a personal computer with operation software DIGSIare marked in bold letters in monospace type style.


Siemens SIPROTEC 7SJ62 Manuals & User Guides


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