Some of the material in the book was inspired and contributed by fellow guitar educator Jack Peterson. It does not train you to be a jazz or rock musician, additional work is needed. IMO, it is best studied with a teacher, although I have known a handful of guitarists who have managed to go through the series without a teacher, but they are rare. I recommend going through the books with a teacher, whilst studying stylistically relevant material to your interests. I have found, for the average part-time student who is studying his books along with other material it takes about 15 months to go through each book. Bill made outlines that would take full-time students through all three volumes in 2 years 4 semesters.

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The three volumes in the series are arranged in such a way that the difficulty level is progressively more difficult from page to page.

It is appropriate for guitarists of all levels and styles. Yes: even total beginners. The result is making progress without even noticing it! It is also interesting to note that this comprehensive method is used as the basic text for the guitar program at the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

It also contains several duets and solo pieces. The solos all sound so great! Most of my current students use it. New topics are introduced such as: intervals, solo guitar, voicings, improvisation and rhythm guitar techniques.

One of the solo pieces in the second volume. Get ready! I have to admit: I personally still have some work to do in this one! Some unfinished business for me here One of the solo pieces in the third volume. It is exactly the same text and formatting as the three separate volumes. The bundle costs just a little more than the 3rd volume by itself! Not sure where to start? Honestly, I wish I had started earlier working this method; it changed my musical development and guitar "perception".

Click to see the full list of my favourite jazz guitar books! He draws from his experience both as a professional jazz guitarist and professional jazz teacher to help thousands of people from all around the world learn the craft of jazz guitar.

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A Modern Method for Guitar - vol 1

The majo r and relative mino r key sig- natures are the same. There are 3 differen t scales in each minor key. Be sure to observe the tempo changes. Do not play them on two consecutive days.


William Leavitt (musician)


IT8712F - A PDF




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