Kazuo shinohara 2g

Some no longer exist, others have been altered considerably, but fortunately the majority remains and have been photographed exclusively for 2G by the Japanese photographer Hiroshi Ueda. Introductory texts by David B. Stewart, Shin-Ichi Okuyama and Enric Massip provide the necessary context for understanding the work of this almost mythical architect.

Estatica boresi

Arashikus The description contains enough numerical implementation details to allow students, engineers and researchers interested in high fidelity materials modeling to try the esgatica presented in the book. He was a senior research engineer with the National Steel Corp. The authors explain well how these methods can be used to model materials at very fine scales and improve predictions compared to conventional approaches.

Galileo letters on sunspots

Information Description These letters record astronomical observations made by the Italian physicist and astronomer Galileo Galilei — Here, Galileo records sunspots which are dark areas of irregular shape seen periodically on the surface of the sun. Observations of sunspots in ancient China were recorded as early as 28 BCE, and it is possible that the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras may have observed a sunspot in BCE. The introduction of the telescope to astronomy in combined with the ability to project an image to avoid direct observation with the eye meant that observers could view the sun consistently and safely in some detail for the first time.

Galula counterinsurgency

Counter-insurgency operations include many different facets: military , paramilitary , political , economic , psychological , and civic actions taken to defeat insurgency. To understand counter-insurgency, one must understand insurgency to comprehend the dynamics of revolutionary warfare.

Delilah marvelle forever and a day

It was original, delightfully funny and wickedly sexy. There was a wonderful array of richly drawn characters and just the right amount of drama and mystery to keep me intrigued. What I loved most about the book:- The Setting It was refreshingly different to read a story set against the backdrop of 19th century New York and Ms Marvelle brought everything to life with her vivid images of the notorious Five Points.