The Electrofitness. The COMPEX mi-Sport , associated with your intense and regular workouts, allows you, among other things, to recover faster and better, to develop muscle strength, to optimize endurance and to relieve back and joint pains… Its 38 programs wisely divided into 8 categories of applications and 5 levels of progression allow the COMPEX mi-Sport nice versatility for supporting you in your busy life and helping you to treat or relieve all your little daily aches and pains. It automatically diagnoses, transcribes and adapts the stimulation settings to your needs It lets you work very precisely using 4 technologies: mi-SCAN function: The mi-Scan probes the muscle group you are about to stimulate and automatically optimizes the stimulation parameters based on your physiology and your current fitness. This technology ensures more comfortable, comprehensive and efficient muscular work.

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The Compex Elite Sport gives you the possibility to improve your performance and through specific programs, accelerate regeneration. The programs can be used for sport, pain relief, vascular, massage, rehabilitation as well as fitness. Included in the set along with the EMS Unit are a selection of different stickabel electrodes.

These are easily stuck onto your skin without leaving any residue behind. The included information sheet shows recommendations on how to place the electrodes for an effective muscle or regeneration session. The four connection cables contained allow the unit to control the connected electrodes. The Compex Muscle Stimulator Sport Elite is can be used at home, for semi-professional use as well as for professional use.

The EMS Unit can be used in active training as well as passive training. More frequently found in cycling or running sports, the Compex Elite Sport EMS unit sends targeted impulses during training to greatly improve muscle condition. Additionally EMS products can be used after injuries or operations to prevent the targeted muscles from degrading quickly.

Warranty conditions: Compex Muscle Stimulator Sport Elite The guarantee is valid in terms of the general statutory provisions for the end user.


Compex performance Manual

When fully charged, the icon elute be full and the total time taken to recharge the battery will flash on the screen. One blue cable, one green cable, one splrt cable, one red cable RF transmitters, an electromagnetic site survey should ekite considered. English Vascular Programmes Effects Uses Capillarization Very marked increase in blood flow Development of capillaries Heavy legs Increased venous return Increased supply of oxy- gen to muscles Drop in muscular tension Elimination of tendency to have cramp To remove the feeling of heaviness in the legs arising in unusual situations stan- ding for long periods, heat, hormonal imbalance linked to the menstrual cycle, etc. This program is also appropriate for any type of sports requiring a gain in strength on a specific muscle cycling, short distance running, soccer, etc. Warnings And Cautions Manuao must compex sport elite manual the stimulation energy so that the stimulation compex sport elite manual start. In rare instances, very highly strung people may have dompex vagal reac- tion.


Compex Sport Elite 2.0 Manual

Description: FDA Approved While electrostimulation EMS is not meant to be a replacement for traditional strength or endurance exercise, it does enable you to attain results that were previously unachievable through traditional training alone. Electrostimulation greatly complements your existing sports training program, augmenting and amplifying the benefits you receive, while providing additional benefits of its own. Power Supply Max. They are isolated one from the other and galvanically grounded. Four cables to link the four channels of the stimulator with the electrodes: One blue cable, one green cable, one yellow cable, one red cable Self-adhesive electrodes: 4 small electrodes 5x5 cm, 2x2 inch 4 large electrodes 5 x 10 cm, 2x4 inch Benefits: The Sport Elite 2.


Manuels d'électrostimulation

Shakree Constant rectangular current with pulse compensation to eliminate any direct current component to prevent residual polarization at skin level. Cautions Caution compex sport elite manual be used for users with suspected or diagnosed heart problems. This working level is maintained over a short period 12 minutes per session. Their objective is to prepare muscles for explosive motions or to facilitate recovery after active muscle training and competition: Spirt it, continue to print. Placement of the Electrodes Depending on the sport you practice, the Training Planner www. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

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