This will ensure the proper and secure operation of the TOE. Authorized users are non-hostile and follow all usage guidance. The evaluators analyzed the Avocent SwitchView SC security architectural description and determined that the initialization process is secure, that the security functions are protected against tamper and bypass, and that security domains are maintained. The evaluators also independently verified that the correspondence mappings between the design documents are correct.

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PC selection can be made through the keyboard or using the front panel push-button. Avocent SwitchView Saves Money, Space, and Time With only one set of peripherals, you eliminate the cost of purchasing and maintaining multiple keyboards, monitors and mice. Without all those bulky monitors, your office or computer room is better organized. Plus, you free up valuable space for other uses. No more juggling keyboards and untangling mice. You work more efficiently because every computer is right at your fingertips.

There are no DIP switches to configure and no external power supply is needed. Our new PC99 color coded cables provide high video resolutions x and make installation a breeze! Either Cybex-supplied or standard straight-through cables are supported to attach PCs to the SwitchView unit. For added compatibility with your installed equipment, SwitchView features an embedded mouse translation capability. On-screen display and mulit-level security make the SwitchViewOSD a powerful tool for small businesses who need multi-server control.

Control up to eight servers using a simple hot-key sequence or through our easy-to-use pop-up menu system! No more complicated server addresses and locations to memorize. Give your servers names that are meaningful to you, then just select one from the OSD menu. Secondary menus let you configure and initiate channel scanning and other system features. Avocent SwitchView Tangle-proof cables ease installation This powerful eight-port switch is ideal for users who need to manage multiple servers and save office space.

Cybex has improved ease of installation by providing color-coded connectors and offering matching tangle-proof cables. Users can easily connect the cables to the color-coded connectors on the back of the servers and manage up to eight servers from one keyboard, monitor and mouse.

Avocent SwitchView Advanced Security for Total System Access Control Advanced, multi-level security capability lets you configure and control access for every type of system user.

This safety feature prevents the attached servers from locking up and keeps you from losing valuable time and data if power to the SwitchView is interrupted. For safe, easy system maintenance, the SwitchViewOSD is Hot Pluggable - add or remove any attached server without powering down the SwitchView or other attached servers. An internal power supply eliminates the need for external transformers.

Optional features of the SwitchViewOSD include: Remote access and operation - add a Cybex LongView for remote access through Category 5 UTP cable and control your servers up to feet away while maintaining on-screen display capability! This compact switch is specifically designed to make data transfer between connected computers virtually impossible.

Avocent SwitchView SC automatically clears the keyboard buffer immediately after data is transmitted through the switch, so no data is ever left in the switch. All cascading has been removed to prevent the possibility of any external device detecting the presence of the Avocent SwitchView SC.

Measuring only 2. LEDs indicate which computers are on-line and which one is currently selected. Industry standard cables make installation simple and straight-forward.

Applications for Avocent SwitchView SC include maximum security installations such as government agencies, corporate headquarters, military offices and anyone who routinely accesses secure and unsecure networks from one location or set of peripherals.

Eliminate clumsy adapters and converters. Avocent takes care of the rest for you!


Avocent Cybex SwitchView SC Series Switches


22TCN 244-98 PDF

Cybex KVM SwitchView



Avocent Cybex SwitchView - KVM switch - 8 ports - desktop Series Specs


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