Sometimes you just want to escape for a few hours and enjoy yourself. Katherine Duvall is on the run from a cheating fiancee. Was it because she was impressed with his wealth, looks, and status, not to mention his skills as a lover, and thought she could overlook the cheating? So she grabs up her keys and takes off in her rental car in the middle of a Colorado snow storm to clear her head. She never imagines how her life is about to change when her car plunges off the road into an icy creek. Bobby Blackhawk and Cale Yancey see the car go off the road, and after Bobby jumps into the icy creek and saves her, they bundle Kate up in their truck and head for their nearby mountain cabin.

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In fact, these two lonesome cowboys could be the perfect bookends to satisfy her hunger for revenge and bolster her dented self esteem. Their hearts… Warning! Saddled was previously released. Read an Excerpt Bobby Blackhawk shook his head as the taillights of the little Beemer just ahead flashed red again through the falling snow. Sure enough, as soon as the driver crunched the brakes, the tail end of the car began to slide on the snow-covered ice. The last trip into Wellesley, Colorado in anticipation of snow blocking the mountain pass had been a wild, lust-packed two days.

Neither was squeamish about helping the other out; however, both preferred emptying their passion inside the wet, snug passage of a woman. Cale cursed. Sure enough, the driver up ahead hit the brakes again, and the rear of the car slid sideways.

As though watching a movie in slow motion, both men held their breaths, hoping the woman would gain traction at the last moment, but one rear tire slid off the edge of the road and then the right front followed.

With tires spinning and brake lights flaring bright, the car slipped slowly down the hill and into the creek. Bobby slammed the car into park and climbed out, following Cale as he slid on his ass down the hill. Water was midway up the car door, and the driver had rolled down her window. Blonde hair peeked beneath a black knit hat. Terror-stricken blue eyes peered at them through the falling snow. The car bobbed on the water, and for a moment, Bobby thought it might break free and start floating.

He reached her door, stretched an arm inside her window and unbuckled her belt. Her skin was too pale, her body shaking violently. She was entering hypothermia, and he was fast on her heels.

As soon as her legs cleared the window and fell back into the water, she moaned, but he turned with her, slung an arm around her waist and half-dragged her back to the edge of the bank. Cale reached for them both, but Bobby shoved her at him.

He bent and heaved the woman over his shoulder and then clumsily made his way up the hill and out of sight. Bobby took only two steps out of the water before his legs gave out, and he fell to the ground on his knees.

It seemed only a moment later and Cale was kneeling beside him. Dammit, you have to help. One last moment of clarity and it struck him that he might die. If he could have, Bobby would have smiled. The only time Cale got this shook up was when his cock was deep, his balls tightening and on the verge.


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As the hour approached, we drank champagne from cheap plastic flutes while we watched rats running down the empty, darkened corridors. That night, we made a pact. We searched our hearts for the Big Dream. In January, we joined a writers group in San Antonio. By April, we already had our first three requests for full manuscripts from major publishers.



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