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These four women both exemplify the independent woman in the Muslim world and are showing the way for other women. She is naturally feeling despondent and wants to be on her own in the evening. What in the world was I doing in this godforsaken country anyway? Next stop is Alexandria, where we learn more about the Egyptian Revolution and they attend a party for Hypatia.

Mme Lilla announces that she is looking for the man who destroyed the world I brought to life with my breath and produces a gun to show what she intends. Firstly, it is a wonderful story as all four women are both fleeing from something but also looking for something and, in doing so, have a series of very colourful adventures, often in parts of the world that are not safe for anyone, let alone casual tourists. Attorney Ece Temelkuran practiced law only once during her career, fully aware of the symbolism of the case: Indeed, one of the first things they do when they get together is to mimic the men of their respective countries.

The Modern Novel If you just read the book as a lively adventure story, you will enjoy it very much. They soon meet a fourth woman, a local woman but older than them. As the narrator states A circular narrative. To reverse this phenomenon and regain our moral and political strength, Temelkuran believes we need to remember the entire history of the last few decades.

Firstly, it is made very clear that the Arab Spring is not just a male uprising but that women were and are very much involved in it. She is Madame Lilla and she invites them to dinner at her house. We have numerous examples of this, from their purchase of alcohol in Tunisia and subsequent dispute with their taxi driver about it to their continual standing up to and challenging of men who have old-fashioned ideas about the role of women.

First published in by Everest First English publication by Parthian in Twelve more books would follow. Portraying this conflicted country—at once progressive and static; in revolution, yet painfully trapped—is a running theme throughout her work. The journey to Syria, which makes up the bulk of the book, is naturally the most colourful part of the story.

Things heat up somewhat and they have to flee. Accept Reject Read More. From there they go, somewhat accidentally, to Beirut, where there are more revelations about their complicated pasts and they get involved in cocaine smuggling.

This is how women tell stories. However, there is much more going on. The three women soon become fast friends. Our narrator, however, has decided to return to Turkey and she packs her bags and heads to the airport.

She certainly mothers them to a certain extent and they partially resent this but they soon all four become close. Our narrator however, is a bit disappointed with Carthage and the whole situation. Just before boarding she receives a phone call from a friend advising her not to come back as there have been more arrests.

At the same time, we are observing the Arab Spring, as it happens in Tunisia and also are learning about the situation in Egypt and Turkey. Related Articles


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